You can find hundreds of articles in the Web about quantity versus quality when it comes to SEO. I really don’t understand such approach. Both sides of the process are essential and can benefit the optimization of your site. You just have to do it smartly.

When I first entered the world of SEO as a content writer I was made to believe that quantity is everything. This is only understandable, since my boss needed a huge number of articles on a daily basis. The number of pages on your site is of course a major SEO factor. It means your site will be listed in Google with more keywords and page results and its overall evaluation tends to be better. Also – the more links you have, the greater the image you build in the search engine.

But since I have been interested in web marketing and optimization for a long time, I began reading a lot on the topic. And my opinion started to change accordingly. The new changes that Google implemented in 2012 convinced me for good – the big guys were strongly determined to favour quantity over quality. What makes me think this way?

Let me give you an example. You start building a site about hotels. But in its blog section you put articles in poor English about anything else but hotels. The quantity factor works in your favour. But Google might say “Wait a minute! What good are all those articles about revolts in Sudan (for example)! This is spam!” And boom – your site is penalized and plummets in the rankings. The quality of the content you use – this is what really determines your success. You better have 20 really good pages on your site than 100 spam pages.

This is even more so with the links. Google is very strict about organic link building and rightfully so. Many companies use special SEO tools that provide artificial link building. With their help they get hundreds of back links to the target websites. The quality of these links is at best questionable.

Let’s say for example that you have a site that promotes cleaning services. You use a link-building tool that generates links to blogs and forums, even sites like Wikipedia and You tube. You decide to check the quality of those links –out of a sudden you realize your site is connected to environmental blogs, clean energy forums and so on. The link-building tools work with an algorithm of keywords – they do not pay attention to the content of the link. Well, Google does. And impending penalty is just round the corner.

Many people just begin to understand such dependencies. Of course, getting your site in the top ten of local searches is not that much of a drama. But in super competitive fields, where the target group includes millions of people, SEO is a must-have tool. This is where the tricky part comes to play.

Many people forget the old saying “Patience is a virtue.” Patiently building your content and links step by step is the correct way to do your SEO. Of course, you should never forget that your competition is doing precisely the same. There is nothing certain in this field but in the long term, hard work and persistence will prevail.