Quantum physics is a different branch of science that defines laws of attraction by the energy of people and matter. Test are difficult to conduct on the theories of quantum physics, though there have been enough studies and discoveries for scientist to create a general overview of the laws of attraction. An extensive amount of research was required for the creation of the theory, though testing something that can not be seen by scientists is impossible. The basis of the theory relates to the function of matter to act as particles or waves; relating to people and the energy that composes every aspect of life. The comparison pertains to a person's mind and energy, as well as the energy and composition of the person's desires or thoughts.

One scientific test was conducted by shooting electrons through a sheet with two slits in it. The goal was to observe the reaction of the electrons to the sheet; testing to see whether the electrons would act as a wave or as individual particles. Behind the sheet a special board was setup to catch the electrons that passed through the sheet, and after so many electrons came in contact with the board it would reveal the path the electrons made when encountering the sheet. While conducting the experiment, it was observed that the electrons acted as a wave while traveling towards the sheet. Upon reaching the sheet, the electrons split to pass through the two slits and hit the board placed behind the sheet; thus proving the ability of matter to act as a wave and a particle. Without the ability to do both the electrons would have simply bounced of the sheet, while only a few passed through the slits.

Part of the theory states that people's thoughts effect everything in the world on a subatomic level. This relates back to the experiment previously mentioned; on a subatomic level the electrons acted as a particle and a wave, which means that a person's brain waves somehow have the ability to affect the wave produced by matter. The law of attraction, in this case, applies to the energy emitted by people and matter in contrast to the physical laws of attraction.

Scientist deduced that everything in the universe is infinitely changing, fluid energy that interacts in harmony to create on vibrant energy. With that being said, a person desiring to own a nice vehicle would produce energy that affected everything around that person. If the person has the correct mind frame to produce the correct energy; the person would soon obtain a new vehicle by unexpected means. This is a simplified example of the law of attraction stated by quantum physics; the overview of the law of attraction relates to the person's entire life and the entire life of the universe.

The law infers that a person shapes their own life by their thoughts and mindset from day to day. This is made possible through the person's energy attracting the energy that corresponds with the person's thoughts or desires. It is believed to be possible for one to shape one's life by simply focusing on what they desire or any goals one hopes to achieve. By the person constantly focusing on the goal or desire one is pursuing, the person's energy would eventually attract the energy of the required objects to fulfill the person's desires. The opposite of this proves true as well; if one is trapped in a depressed or bad mind state, then the person will continue to attract negative energy that in turn brings more negative aspects into the person's life.

Currently, scientists are unable to test the larger aspects of this theory because the energy that is theoretically in existence is unable to be physically tested. Though there have been test conducted, there is not experiment tested evidence of the existence or relation of the energy. However, there is a discovery that was made by the greatest scientists that detail the energy that is theorized to be present in everything in the universe; for example, Albert Einstein's e=Mc2 formula defines energy and suggests that everything consists of energy. The energy that exists in everything in the universe is attracted to any corresponding energy to create the law of attraction.