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Lots of stuff blows up
The Bond girls are hot
A "Big Bad" that is worth Bond's time
The Aston Martin DBS


Continues directly from Casino Royale, so if you haven't seen it you might have trouble keeping up

Full Review

Quantum of Solace, the latest James Bond flick, was looking to be a questionable Bond movie after the snooze fest of Casino Royale. Fortunately for me Daniel Craig and everyone who worked on this film delivered an enjoyable movie. Everything that should be in a 007 film was there. A sure to be classic song to start off the movie, lots and lots of stuff blew up, there was an ultimate evil up to no good, and of course the 2 Bond Girls, Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton. Oh and there wasn't a 2 hour poker match in the middle of the movie.

The movie starts out right after Casino Royale ended, so if you haven't seen it or don't really remember it, rent it and give it a watch before. Not to say that you can't watch Quantum of Solace if you don't know Casino Royale off by heart, but it will help you follow the story and you will all ready be familiar with the bad guys. Plus the death of Casino Royale's Bond Girl, Vesper, affects Bond throughout and is a big driving point behind the characters actions in this movie.

Now if you like action scenes, then you are in luck with Quantum of Solace. The movie opens with a car chase through the mountains and then seems to toss in a new chase or fight every 10 minutes or so. There was, I think, every type of chase scene you could imagine, on foot across the rooftops, the car chase through the mountains, a car chase through the streets, a boat chase and a plane chase. Then there were the fights; guns, knives, pipes, and fists, everything a was there. Easily enough action to keep even the most ADD person focused.

The bad guys of this movie had quite the evil plan developed, involving, I don't want to give it away so I'll use a line from the movie, "our most precious resource". This suits me way better than some other Bond movies where the bad guys aren't really doing anything that should warrant the attention of a "00 Agent", let alone James Bond. They seem to be building up these baddies for at least one more film, because when the credits came up, the baddies were still out there planning what is to be their next evil project.

Now onto the Bond Girls, both gorgeous ladies, Olga Kurylenko as Bond's leading lady, Camille and Gemma Arterton as Bond's mid-movie fling and MI6 agent, Strawberry Fields. While Miss Fields was in and out relatively quick (insert buh-dum-crash here), Camille's character had a troubling past and a motivation that coincided with Bond's own motivations. Camille even resisted the Bond charm, even shrugging off a kiss at the end of the movie after 007 saves her life. Not too many Bond girls can say that, I'm sure.

Now don't go expecting a literary masterpiece, but I'd recommend this movie to anyone looking to make an outing to the theatres. The action is good, the story is solid and the acting is on making for a good movie watching experience. Beware the lines for Quantum of Solace will be long.

In Closing

If you are a Bond fan, go see this movie, if not, go see it anyway. Its a great action movie that keeps you into it the whole time.