With today's growing heating and electricity costs, it is crucial to find alternative ways to save money on your utility bills. One way to cut your home's heating bill is to buy an infrared portable heater. These modern looking heating units offer excellent warmth across multiple rooms, while keeping up with style and taste. 

Within this article, we will provide information on three different portable heating units and how much you will expect to pay for each model. 

Infrared Portable Heaters


EcoSunTec: 3-in-1 Ceramic Infrared Heater IMAP-1000
Average Price: $400 


EcoSunTec Ceramic Infrared Heaters, Inc has created the IMAP-1000 to offer a portable heater that can heat multiple rooms, but maintain durability and style. This infrared heating unit offers tons of benefits, including air purification, safety, and easy maintenance. EcoSunTec's 3-in-1 Ceramic Heater has the following benefits: 

  • IMAP-1000 can heat multiple rooms, up to 1000 sq. feet.
  • The heating unit is made with galvanized steel to promote long-lasting durability.
  • With an automatic shut-off, this unit will not cause a fire if tipped over. 
  • Will not release carbon monoxide nor release smoke fumes. 
  • UV air purification and humidifier option to enhance air quality and make warm air feel warmer. 
  • With a 3 year operational warranty, the IMAP-1000 has a mazimum power consumption of 5000 BTUs, 12.6 Amps, or 1500 Watts. 
  • Quiet, touch panel operation, sleak and washable finish makes this unit a fixture in any home.  UV air purification has been proven to kill H1N1 virus in Japan!


EdenPure Gen4 1000
Average Cost: $400 

EdenPure Gen4

One popular model is EdenPure's Gen4 1000, which costs about $400. Unlike the IMAP-1000, this portable model uses sylvania quartz heating components which tote a longer usage life. Otherwise, the EdenPure has an array of similar benefits. Check them out!

  • Heat up to 1000 square feet, with an advanced air exchange system to reduce noise. 
  • Excellent 5 year warranty and made in America! 
  • Darkwood grain finish for a pleasing look to fit with any modern-look. 
  • 3 Copper Heat Exchanges.
  • Lifetime washable filter that can easily be washed with warm water or a vacuum. 
  • Like EcoSunTec's IMAP-1000, Gen4 1000 also uses 1500 Watts to heat up 1000 sq. ft. 

LifeSmart Power Plus 1200
Average Cost: $350.00

LifeSmart Heater

A less expensive model, LifeSmart Power Plus 1200 is an infrared portable heat source built to generate clean, comfortable warmth. LifeSmart states that their heaters are 38% more efficient than forced air. 

  • This heater will warm up to 1200 square feet, with 4 copper heat exchanges. 
  • Designed for production and circulation of purified air.
  • 66% more efficient than propane.
  • Like other comparable units, the Power Plus 1200 uses 1500 Watts. 
  • Amish-inspired design, with easy-to-use control panel.


There are many infrared portable heaters to choose from. Finding the right one can be difficult, but with proper research and customer reviews, you will be able to make your purchase. If you are interested in a quality portable heat source product, always make sure to find a unit that is durable and comes with a warranty. 

Galvanised metal & copper heat exchanges are a must. Automatic shut-off will stop any potential hazard from occuring. Make sure that your eletrical outlets can manage a 1500 Watt unit, so be sure to use an outlet that is grounded. 

Seek the best ceramic or quartz infrared portable heater and stay warm!