This year in decorating we've seen more pattern and texture than almost any other time that I can remember. The quatrefoil shape is also called a clover or lattice pattern. It's the most sophisticated and vintage style that we've come across this year. If you're afraid to decorate with pattern I think this is the best one to start off with just because it is so subtle.

Quatrefoil Stencil for Walls

Quatrefoil Wallpaper

Find an unusual material to use this on. I love this if you have an open floor plan and you're using the lattice in an adjoining room in an obvious way such as on wallpaper. Look for a mirror or chandelier element to use in the adjoining room. Unless you use it on every object (which you shouldn't) it's going to be a more subtle effect. Regina Andrews often uses this on lamps and lighting fixtures and it's a classic enough shape that it won't go out of style for this use.

Wall stencils have been really popular in this pattern on craft blogs and Pinterest. However, it always amazes me how time intensive this project is because it's an allover pattern. Usually any crafter who attempts it usually jokes about having carpal tunnel syndrome after. Go with wallpaper instead. It's one of the few forms of wallpaper that is still chic. Just use it on one wall and pick a really neutral palette like gray and white. You can find this with either gray as the background, or as the accent. Match the other walls to this for a seamless look.

Quatrefoil Curtains

Quatrefoil Drapes

I was originally surprised at how much I liked this pattern. You see, I'm not a huge fan of white in decorating. It probably stems for my white apartment. However, I'm stuck with dealing with this very modern color and just one new addition like curtains ties in with the wall color while still being elegant.

I also like how it's a standard design in the Hollywood Regency look. I've always loved this style but never have really been able to afford it. Luckily for me it's not all about expensive mirrored furniture and stone counters with fancy crystal chandeliers. This pattern is the least expensive way to get this style.

My Favorite Pick for This Pattern

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Quatrefoil Rugs

I wouldn't recommend this pattern for a couch. It works well for throw pillows or an accent chair. It's going to last longer than florals. In my case I love it so much that I could still live with it in 10 years. However, it would require going to a more delicate fabric that would stain much easier than the microfiber sofa that I currently own so I haven’t done this.

You want to find a piece without a border in it. Also be careful with the white lattice work as you may have to worry about it getting dirty. Find an inexpensive or easy to clean piece.

It's not the pattern that is so unusual in this case. It’s where we are seeing these. It makes for sophisticated kids flooring. Try it in a traditional gray and white to add a more contemporary element to a blue or a pink nursery.

Quatrefoil Backsplash Tile

One of the more innovative uses is with tile. I do worry that this shape won’t hold up that well long term which is always a problem with tile. However, it will be at home in a classic farmhouse kitchen with glazed cabinets and marble countertops.

Choose your color palette carefully here. Yes, I know that it is available in gray and turquoise. You may even be able to track it down in coral or lime green. However, combining both a trendy shape and a trendy color can be a mistake in such a permanent area. If you do want these brighter colors then just create a stenciled backsplash which will also be cheaper. However, if you must have the actual tile a classic white option is my favorite especially when paired with other more traditional white fixtures as mentioned above.