Be the Queen of the Party

The Alice in Wonderland story is a popular tale with tons of interesting characters, so it's not surprising that imaginative people across the globe want to dress like them. Being able to escape to a world where cats disappear in thin air, caterpillars smoke pipes and hares drink tea is nothing to be ashamed off. In fact, having such a heighten imagination can relieve, if for a little while, the stresses of daily life. And although there were Alice in Wonderland costumes before the movie by Tim Burton, they've gotten even more popular with different variations popping up here and there for the public. So if you're in need of a Queen of Hearts costume, here are a few that you can choose from.

queen of hearts costume

Ball Gown Outfit

For those who enjoy partying with elegance, this Queen of Hearts costume will have guests bowing the knee for your approval. It's most symbolic of a queen and is good for children's parties and other mild themed events. It's well designed with checker pieces underneath the bust, and has a signature line of hearts down the center. It may not be that easy to move around in if heading to a dance party, but if celebrating a themed event for a child like a birthday, then this is perfect. A gold trim can be found on both shoulders, it comes with a velvet jeweled choker with a tiara to top it off. This would also work for a masquerade party as well. You'd just need a mask to go along with it. They also have plus sizes available for you hearty queens.

Dark Heart Queen Costume

dark queen of hearts

This is a good costume to wear if you plan on heading to a dance party with a little bit more lively music and want to move around a bit. If you enjoy looking cute and flirty for a costume parties, this flattering piece is a viable contender among the many out there. You have the signature Queen of Hearts colors, a faux lace-up satin ribbon, a peasant top and a zip up back. Although the stockings don't come with, there are plenty of themed stockings you can find that are sold separately. There are fishnet stockings, straight black stockings with a bow and card attached, and also striped white and black stockings. You could even find checkered stockings with hearts and diamonds ornately lining the front.

The Wigs

queen of hearts wig

If you want to go all out on your Queen of Hearts costume, you'll need a wig. This particular wig looks more like a heart-shaped afro than anything else, but it's definitely fitting for a Queen of Hearts costume. There's another one that looks more like the one in the movie if you're not interested in this clownish looking version. The hair looks a bit more natural and you get a nice little crown to top it off. Whichever wig you choose, you'll definitely make more of a statement with a nice little hair-do.

Deluxe Queen of Hearts Set

deluxe queen of hearts costume

This one you get everything you need for a nice Queen of Hearts costume. If heading to a themed tea party with the Mad Hatter and Alice, come fully dressed with a petticoat, necklace, shoe covers and a shrug. The dress itself is strapless and definitely flirtatious. This is just yet another variation which is good to minimize two people wearing the same costume.


Plenty More

There are plenty of other Queen of Hearts costume variations out there, so if none of these fit your style, or you see too many wearing the same outfit, there are sure to be some lesser known ones you can use to stand out. Check out a few of these other costume articles if still searching for the right one: