There's nothing like coming home from a hard day's of work and wanting to relax. Sitting down on a comfortable couch, relaxing, and watching a little TV. Eat supper, then finally get a long night's rest on a comfortable queen size mattress made with organic cotton. Queen size futon covers can be made from numerous of different fabrics. The most common and popular fabrics being cotton and polyester. Usually a combination of cotton and polyester together gives your bed, or sofa, softness and durability combined. There is nothing wrong with polyester, but cotton gives your queen sized futon covers a softer and much more comfortable feel. Although polyester gives your covers much more durability. Organic cotton comes without any synthetic agricultural chemicals. Organic cotton bolls come directly from the cotton plant, and provide a very comfortable and cool futon cover for your bed, or couch.

If you're looking to buy queen size futon covers made with organic cotton, you should shop online at different futon stores on the web. You'll be sure to find comfortable queen size futon covers for sale, made with organic cotton for extra comfort. Shopping online will help you find what you're looking for while saving money at the same time. You can use queen size futon covers for sofa couches, or beds, whatever dimensions that a standard queen size 60" x 80" futon cover will fit for.

Why use organic cotton futon covers

There's nothing wrong with polyester, or even synthetic cotton for that matter. Some people might get easily irritated skin from polyester, or cotton that comes with pesticides and chemical substances. Organic products are better than synthetic products. They're safer and healthier. Organic cotton doesn't irritate the skin, and keeps you cool. It's the softest fabric made for futon covers, and it's likely to keep you comfortable throughout the night. You probably should consider purchasing a combination of polyester and cotton if you're looking for durability futon covers. Quality cotton futon covers can still be made with a combination of polyester for durability and strength. Cotton isn't known for it's durability, and if you buy an expensive 100% queen size futon covers made with cotton, there's no guarantee it will be a everlasting futon cover. Of course if you have extremely sensitive skin, then 100% cotton futon covers will surely provide you with what you need. I'll list a few places where you can buy 100% organic cotton covers. Organic cotton is guaranteed to not include any toxic chemicals, or pesticides like synthetic cotton.

Where to buy queen size futon covers and covers made with organic cotton

Vitalbodies - Vitalbodies offers 100% chemical free and natural fibers for their products. Their prices for queen size futon covers are very reasonable, keeping you around or below the $200 dollar range. The futon covers are available in 3 inch, 4 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, and 16 inch cream twills. It's a eco-friendly futon cover that's soft and keeps you cool during those hot summer nights. It's a very healthy cotton cover to sleep on that will prevent illness and itchy skin. It features a hidden slipper and is easy to fit over your queen sized bed mattress. The zipper can prevent futon covers from sliding off the mattress. They're washable covers. These are great futon covers for those who are looking for eco-friendly organic cotton covers for queen size beds.

The futon shop - The futon shop is a highly recommended site to shop for 100% organic cotton futon covers in queen size. Not only can you buy queen size futon covers made with 100% organic cotton, they currently have a 20% sale going on their products. Some futon covers on their site will keep you in the $200 dollar range, which is a pretty good price for organic cotton futon covers. Some of their organic cotton cover products come with stylish designs like the garden pattern, whispering grass, eyes of the world, and fields of honey. Products on their site are eco-friendly green materials. Check out for different futon covers made with 100% cotton. All futon covers are available in 60" x 80" queen sizes.

Northern naturals - Northern naturals has 100% organic products on their sites, where they sell nothing but natural rugs, pillows, sheets, blankets, and or course queen size futon covers made with organic cotton. All eco-friendly materials that go for really low prices. The queen size organic futon covers only cost $150. Features three hidden zippers. The queen size can be used for a queen sofa couch, or bed. The organic cotton is washable. The organic cotton futon covers are soft, cool, and comfortable. Cotton covers also comes in full size and twin sizes.