A canopy can be an excellent piece of equipment for personal or business use. On a patio or in a garden it can provide a little protection from the elements. However, endorsed with a company logo they are ideal for trade shows, fetes and other events. They can therefore be useful in a number of settings.

Spring, summer and fall are times when people like to get out of the house and spend times outdoors. This can be as simple as relaxing in the garden or can be attending your child's sporting events. For the more adventurous camping can be great fun. In all these activities having access to a small canopy can make them more enjoyable by providing a little weather protection when needed.

If you own a vehicle but do not have access to a garage, this can leave it out in all weathers. A simple canopy can be an ideal way of providing some protection for your vehicle. A canopy can also act as a simple storage place in your garden. This can be used to keep garden equipment, tools and other items safe from the weather.

The typical size of a standard canopy is 10 x 10 feet. This should be large enough to satisfy the needs of most people. However larger 10 x 20 feet canopies are also available and these can be useful in applications such as car ports or party tents.

Quest is a well know First-Up canopy company and their canopies tend to be recognizable by their royal blue covers. They are typically 10 foot by 10 foot with an open metal frame and a canvas cover. While an open canopy will provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain it is not so good for wind protection. However it is possible to purchase separate side walls for a canopy and this will provide it with wind protection also.

The main advantage of using a First-Up canopy as a car port, storage area or used party tent is the ease of assembly. Rather than individual poles it comprises a collapsible frame. The frame just needs to be pulled out to its full extension to set it up and this can be quickly done by a couple of people. It can therefore be put up and taken down in minutes and this is an appealing feature of this type of canopy. When collapsed the frame and cover fit in a carry bag for easy storage or transportation.

One of the best places to look for First-Up canopies is the internet. Here you should find out all the information you need to know as well as being able to purchase a canopy. Websites to check out include Hutshop. Canopies are also available for purchase in-store, with Walmart being one of the best places to look. Sporting goods retailers can also have canopies available for purchase.

If you are in the market for a First-Up canopy the cost for a frame and cover will typically be in the range $100 to $150. If you need additional features these are generally sold separately. Sandbags can cost around $10 while side walls and screens are a little more expensive at around $30 to $35.