Caledor is a sparsely populated land and is the fourth tier zone for the army of the House Uthorin. It is located in the in the south west of Ulthuan.

The majestically tall mountain spires dominate this land and secret valleys are hidden among the towering peaks. A labyrinth of caverns wind throughout the province amongst the lush greenery. Despite its lasting beauty, the kingdom of Caledor has just a shadow of what it is used to be.

The Dark Elves hate Caledor for a number of reasons. The Witch King wishes to see Caledor destroyed Beastlord Rakarth has been appointed to carry out this task by the Witch King.

Conquest and bloody vengeance are on the mind of Beastlord Rakarth and he has an army of hydras, black dragons and manticores to command a furious assault on Caledor.

The Caledor Warriors, despite the fact their glory is in the past, are still a great force. Prince Irmik commands the High Elves while a battle is looming with the Dark Elves in a bid to get control of Caledor - a vital stronghold.

There are also battles around the great monuments of the Shrines of the Phoenix Kings. The Witch King wants these statues destroyed. The High Elves need to protect the monument as it is shrine of their represented legacy.

Caledor is abound with battles ranging from the top of the mountains down to the crags. Lothern is also not safe as the battle is coming ever closer to this High Elves capital.

Both sides are intensifying their battles and the Dark Elves are closing in. However in Caledor the Dragon Princess as well as the Shining Guard are a force to be reckoned with.

Conqueror's Watch is an area of interest in Caledor. Items found in Caledor include Ark Traveller's Cloak, Barbed Whip, Draught of Mending, Druchii Skull Band, Enervating Shadowmantle, Enervating Wristguards, Kladgird of Bel, Lasting Elixir of Mending, Lasting Shielding Potion, Lizardskin Leggings, Pathfinder's Greathelm, Pathfinder's Ironmantle and Waraxe of Bel.

Caledor quests include Awakening (level 36), Birthright (level 35), Champion of Ulthuan (levels 35 and 37) and Constant Vigilance (level 37).

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