When we are answering or asking questions in any daily situation we don't have the perception of the big deal we are doing. Because this is really based in a complex development system of the Nature, and to us this is the simpler thing possible.

How much big would be?

Well, we can go first to the other realities inside the Nature that we've learned in the school like the life of the ants. Do you remember how is their society? One only individual being, the queen ant, and billions of common ants (eventually a lucky male ant), that share the same mind (the queen mind of course) and all knows that everybody knows.

You could say "That is insect's stuff!" OK, then we can think about mammals!

The wolves live in a very similar way, one alpha male wolf is the mind and the members of his group follow him like members of one only body. If you pay attention you will notice that only one member of the group has sexual activity (the alpha male of course).

What would be the point?!

I'm saying about the ability of transfer the contents of one mind to others, e.g. answering or making questions. In fact we are doing something near those sci-fi movies that one person's mind is connected to the other person's mind and ocurrs the transference of thoughts.

Is this too dramatic?!

See this example:

About thirty thousand years ago we were in the world with another human species, the Neanderthal, they had many similarities with us but they were very stronger, in fact a male of them could throw us very far, like we were sticks and we were always taller than they. Their resistance to cold weather was very superior to the ours. When they fought with big animals like mammoths they could even with their bones broken by the impact. Recently was discovered that they had much more sexual activity than we could (or can), making reproduction more successful to them.

Conclusion of the story : They are extinct and we are here!

How can that be possible?

Do you remember that ability of the ants, bees and wolves of "transmitting thougts"?

I think you agree that we aren't near of those creatures communication. Right?!

The Neanderthal people were very worst!

For example if one of those guys discovered how to make the wheel he wouldn't pass the information to anyone. His own son should discover the wheel again!

Would be that patternal indifference?!


The son couldn't receive the information because the approach of that species was to be closed to the influences of others. Certainly was difficult to trick or hypnotize them but this "advantage" didn't save them.

Our approach is to find knowledge and to share it with everyone, that is the basis of our civilization!

Huge Wheel

Ferris Wheel(40242)
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