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Questions I want to ask a Creationist

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I identify as an agnostic in my life philosophy, this means that I don’t believe in a God, who has designed this experience, but I can’t disprove the existence of such a character. I recently have been watching debates between atheists (the belief that there is no God) and creationists (the belief that everything is part of an intelligent design). Despite growing up in a Christian home I find it hard to believe that adults can believe in creationism. Scientists call this “gap filling,” which, in my opinion, is a poor substitute for logical explanations for how and why we are here. My words may seem like an attack on those who prefer stories to facts, but they are not. I want answers, which don’t end with the phrase, “You just need to have faith.”

Faith and I have a terrible history because I have loved science and logic ever since I can remember. When I was in church, I would have complicated questions for my teachers, and the stock answer would be to increase my faith or that all things would be answered after I died. Postmortem promises didn’t satisfy me as a child, and they don’t placate me now. I made my final break from church when I lived on my own. It was fairly simple because my family

didn’t reject me even though I rejected the faith. My community is my family so the church congregation had no hold emotionally over me to remain. A few months after I had left the church and denied all requests for visitors a couple from the congregation knocked on my door. Per usual, the woman had little to say and her husband chastised me for being weak and unfaithful to God. “You need to be humble,” were his final words before I shut the door. My retort was, “I am sick of humility when it means I can’t ask questions and have them answered logically. In my eyes having faith means ‘I don’t know’ is a sufficient answer and that’s not good enough.” The woman was obviously distressed, and the man shook his head in disbelief. There were no attempts to revive my membership after that.

Over the years, I have come up with a list of questions which I hope one day science will answer in a logical way:

If the Christian God exists then why were we created with a flawed nature?

In the Christian faith, I was raised in, we aren’t able to sin until the age of eight. At age eight, we are baptized and confirmed a member. Then God starts keeping track of bad habits. Each week, I can cleanse myself by taking a piece of bread and a drink of water, which have been blessed by a man with the right authority. This belief that I was a continual sinner beat up my self-worth until I found it easier to hate myself. I don’t think my experience is singular because other Christian sects believe that from the moment, we are born, we have the burden of the original sin, which was when Adam and Ever were cast from the Garden of Eden. It seems counterintuitive that an intelligent God would intentionally create flawed beings just to see if they would make it back to heaven.

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If God is real how does she choose whether or not to interfere in our lives?

I can’t remember a time when award ceremonies or sports teams have not included thanking God for talent and or winning a game. It seems an omnipotent God has plenty of time to make sure people win an Oscar or score a goal, but can’t be bothered by important things like peace, feeding the hungry, and sheltering the poor. In my eyes as Richard Dawkins says, “God seems awfully petty and very much like a human.”


If God created humans fully formed then why is it necessary for humans to procreate?

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This question comes from the idea that God seems overly interested in my personal habits. If I am to be one of the moral people, I should get married and have children to populate the Earth. If God can create people out of this air, why not keep it that way? It would free up a bunch of time and sins for clergy to keep track of. Could it be that religion wants to have a population that it can control rather than a God who wants us to be pure?

Every culture has a creation myth, the bible creation story is not original, is it possible that creation stories are to be used like a Farmer's Almanac instead of a moral compass?

I understand how frustrating it is to want an answer to how and why we are here and to not have it. I am not satisfied with a story to fill the gap between faith and knowledge. Science doesn’t have the answer to the origin of the universe, but they are still looking. It’s intolerable for the answer to be an intelligent design without proof and no further questioning or exploration. I appreciate that there are those who are comfortable with intelligent design and to leave the answer to potential postmortem solution, and I’m glad they can be satisfied, I cannot.

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I don’t ask these questions to incite a debate about beliefs, but I’m continuously searching for the answers to these and other questions. I require proof, and science gives this to me in ways I can as a layman observe. Science invites and actively encourages me to question everything. I was allowed to question in Christianity, as long as I kept concluding that God would provide the answers postmortem. I want my answers and proof in this life. I refuse to be pacified by stories or cowed into silence by those who have seized authority for themselves in the religious sector. Don’t you want to know how and why you’re here for real? Please ask any questions or provide any answers in a comment.



Mar 8, 2014 1:32pm
These are my answers as a Muslim.
-If the Christian God exists then why were we created with a flawed nature?
-If we were perfect, there would be nothing for us to worship God for. Perfection therefore is God's only. There is no such thing as a Christian (nor a Muslim) God by the way.
-If God is real how does she choose whether or not to interfere in our lives?
-Simply, whenever and however He wants. Now, concerning feeding the hungry and sheltering the poor, He gave us the perfect solution: Zakat. What is this? It's a simple economical Islamic concept that says: Every person who have held more than about 4000 USD for a whole year should give 2.5% of his overall money to the people who need it most. Statistics (science) has shown that if this concept was applied in the whole world, there will be no single hungry or homeless person on the face of this earth.
-If God created humans fully formed then why is it necessary for humans to procreate?
-I don't see any contradiction in this subheading. In fact, I think that you look at sex in a bad way, like I once used to do. Sex is a divine act, not an animal instinct. There is nothing wrong or immoral about it, quite the contrary. That is what the Quran teaches us.
-Every culture has a creation myth, the bible creation story is not original, is it possible that creation stories are to be used like a Farmer's Almanac instead of a moral compass?
-My story is proven to be the same since fourteen hundred years and always will be. I questioned every little detail I learned about it, step by step and now, it's the story of my life.
Mar 8, 2014 4:14pm
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my inquiries, Nineteeth. Very well put.
Mar 12, 2014 11:29pm
Interesting article! It could be noted that science itself is changing from looking at things from a purely physical standpoint(which is why the original Christians were persecuted - at that time only the Newtonian laws of physics was known which were purely based on physical phenomena) to acknowledging the 'metaphysical' and the existence of an Infinite Intelligence after the phenomena observed in quantum physics which ultimately concludes that matter itself is not real! So what is the Ultimate Reality ? Today science is open to the ideas of Consciousness, etc. ideas which were thrown out the window by scientists just a hundred years ago ...keeping an open mind could be the best way to go.
Mar 13, 2014 6:40am
Thank you, nazrahim for your thoughts.
May 14, 2014 4:11pm
A very interesting article and maybe I can give you some answers from my point of view.

First of all there is no christian God but only one God. All the monotheistic religions refer to this one God; they just call him with different names as God has many names. In my opinion he created us with a flawed nature because the creation is not yet really finished. God didn't just take some mud and formed us like we do it with a cup in the pottery. I think what we call evolution is the way God creates us and the whole universe.

God interferes in all our lives, but as an adviser and not as a force. He gave us the freedom to make our own decisions - with all the consequences. If we open our hearts and minds we can hear or see the advices he gives us. To follow these advices would lead us to a better and more successful life, but the decision if we do that or not is on us.

God creates us fully formed, but as I said above I don't think that the creation is finished yet. To procreate is a piece of divine which he gave to all creatures in the universe, because he loves his creation. With the ability to procreate He gives us the chance to take part in the process of creation.

The fact that all creation myths are very similar to each other can be seen as a proof for the truth which lies in them. Fact is that God creates the world and when he made the people aware of what he did they wrote it down or painted it on walls as they understood in their state of development.
May 14, 2014 7:47pm
Thank you for your comment wolfgangulrich67
Aug 18, 2014 7:02pm
Great article: very thought-provoking and intriguing enough to warrant discussion. Thanks for sharing it.

I'm agnostic (as far as that term goes) but I think we'd differ on what that means. I tend to see it more as the literal word meaning "not knowing" or "without knowledge" in the sense that I cannot know or not know for sure. How you describe yourself is more of a "weak" atheist, though it seems your problem is more with religion than with God.

One concept that I try to keep close is that of God as everything. All that exists must exist as God, including what we call good and evil. Shakespeare once wrote that 'nothing is either good or evil but thinking makes it so', implying God and the Devil are part of human consciousness and not entities with a moral direction.

The human experience of God became institutionalized and ritualized, infusing it with morality and ethics. A problem here is that an all-powerful being would have knowledge of good and evil, including the power to carry out any act of good or evil it so choose. Such a being would have a radically different view of what might be called a good or evil act.

Great work and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss such lofty notions. :)
Aug 19, 2014 8:39am
Thank you, mentored1, for your thought provoking comment. :)
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