When you have narrowed down the apartments you might possibly apply for, you better know what to expect from the apartment after you have signed your lease and moved in. Its extremely important to ask the appropriate questions to the apartment manager before you sign your name on the dotted line. 

 We have listed 4 questions that you will surely want to ask so you can get an idea of what kind of manager and apartment you will encounter when you move in.

 How Much Parking Is There

 It sure is nice to have your owner personal parking space. But it you don’t get one, what are the parking rules? You want to make sure that you will have a space to park your car. Can you imagine how you would feel if you had to park on the street? Also find out about guest parking. If you plan on having a regular guest over, will there be a parking space for them as well.

 What Does My Unit Look Like

Before you sign the lease, ask to see your apartment unit first. If it’s dirty or unlivable, you will need to find another unit in the community. And be sure to fill out a walk-through form. This will give you the opportunity to check out all the appliances, walls, and bathrooms.

 What About Pets

 All apartment communities will have a pet policy. Usually there will be rules regarding pet weight and breed type. And don’t forget to ask about fees. There most likely will be a pet deposit and even monthly pet rent. How much of the deposit is refundable when you move out? Is there a standard cleaning fee which will be deducted from your deposit.

 Laundry, Food, Shopping

 Unless you plan on eating out for every meal, be sure and ask where the local grocery store, laundromat, and nearby places to shop are located. You will want to locate all your popular stores before you move in.