Having a list of questions will definitely help you as you attempt to secure your next apartment home. You don’t want to have any unwanted surprises, so be sure and read on to find out what questions who might want to ask your apartment manager or landlord.

 What Are The Lease Terms

 If you read your lease in its entirety, you may have several questions that relate to the actual clauses in the lease.  For example, can you paint the walls in your own apartment home? What is you have to move during the middle of your lease; do you have permission to sublet the apartment home to a third party? Also what if you just need to break your lease before the end of the term? All of these questions should be listed somewhere in the lease contract. If you have any other concerns which are not listed, its up to you to speak directly with the apartment manager so you are completely aware. 

 How Much Are Utility Bills

 Its probably a good idea knowing what your average utility bills may be. So get an average of what renters pay during the summer and winter months. You won’t know what the true costs of living in your apartment home until you can fill in these blanks. Many newer apartment communities that may charge more for rent will have energy efficient construction and appliances that older communities may not. 

 Am I Responsible For Maintenance

 Repairs should be on everyone’s list of questions. How do you make maintenance request and are you responsible for any repairs whatsoever? How long does it take for repairs and who is responsible for replacing the lightbulbs?

 Can My Pets Live With Me

 All apartment communities will have a pet policy. If they do allow pets then there will be strict rules regarding breed type and pet weight. These will vary from community to community. Also be sure and ask about pet deposits and pet rent.