There comes a point in most job interviews when the interviewer is asked whether he or she has any questions to ask the interviewers. Now is your time to gather the finer details of the job role or the find out what it would really be like to work at such a place.

The Obvious

Pay – It is not likely that you will be in a job interview and not already know the salary that the role is offering, but take the opportunity to clarify this and also ask about how and when you will be paid.

Holidays/Vacations – Make sure that you wont be working 365 days a year and that if you are expect to work the holidays then you are aware upfront.

interview_questionsWorking Hours – Shift work, office hours, flexitime, split shifts, they are many different ways to earn your penny, know which one you are expected to adhere to.

Benefits – Some companies pride themselves on offering a good benefits package and will make it a selling point of the role. Some companies however may hide a poor benefits package so be sure to ask.

Job Description – If this hasn't already be discussed during the interview then make sure that you ask about it and get a clear response.

The Not So Obvious

What do you like about working here?

Remember the person (or people) interviewing you already work at the company that you are aiming to gain a job offer from and possible work for so why not ask them for their opinion about their own roles within the company.

Do you dislike about working here?

If you are going to ask your interviewers what they enjoy about their jobs then it is only fair that you should balance that question by giving them a chance to answer what they don't like.  Don't forget though that these people already work for the organisation that they are (hopefully) trying to recruit you for so the answers may be a little sugar coated.

Will I be expected to work in other locations?

It is not uncommon for medium or larger companies to operate out of more than one premises. Make sure you are fully aware what is expected of you in regards to where exactly you will be working. If you're facing a telephone interview then ask about the location and setting.

What is the probation period?

job_offer(61663)Know had long your probation period is so you can plan your job searching around this. If you are dealing with recruitment consultants it is a good idea to let them know your probation period so that they can get in touch again in the future in case your new job doesn't work out.


It's a good idea to write these questions down on a piece of paper which can be referred to when it is your turn to ask the questions. By doing this do won't forget anything and you will leave the job interview with all the information you need to make an informed decision should you receive a job offer.

Good luck.