Looking for The Tree

When you decide to stop buying the cut green tree and trade up to the artificial modern tree you should look around at all the different types and styles of trees. Artificial trees range from full traditional trees to flocked slim lined trees. We even have upside down color trees today.

When you go out to buy a Christmas tree, you're gonna have some questions. Since the average length of an artificial tree's life is about 8 - 10 years, you'll want some answers. You are going to be spending many holidays with this tree, so you'll want to base the amount of money you spend on the amount of years you'll be using this tree. Spending a little less money and buying a modern tree might be what you are looking for versus spending more money and purchasing the traditional green tree.

You may have questions about the needle formation or scent of the tree. Various brands have different ways the needles and branches are assembled. Most artificial trees do not have a scent but you can purchase a scented ornament that will do the trick. You might want to do a bit of research on how those needles are crafted. Some have more lifelike qualities then others. If you are interested in supporting USA formed companies you will want to ask where there trees are manufactured.

Modern trees are the way to go, you have less maintenance and lower tree cost over the years. You get more time to just enjoy the tree. No more lugging water to feed the tree, cleaning up the mess later and worrying about spillage on gifts.

When you are choosing your tree, look at the decor in the room your tree will be displayed. After that clear away the knick knacks and flat surfaces. Look at the color on the walls and the furniture. What is the base color in the room? Is the room light, medium or dark based?

Can you create a tree with just the base color? If you add one color to the tree for an eye-catching pop, what would it be?  How about hot pink or purple maybe deep burnt orange? If you choose red ornaments do not choose green ornaments, modern trees only use one traditional Christmas color at a time.

Modern style tree decorations are simple and clean, use one or two colors on the tree with white or clear lights. This way your decorations will be crisp and elegant.

If you do not have the space for a full size tree you can still have a modern look, just in a smaller version.  I suggest a tabletop or 4 foot tree in a creative looking Christmas container. You can even have half a tree that gets positioned against your wall. Big posters of Christmas trees are available, so there is no reason to not have some Christmas spirit  in a home with all these options.

When looking for your Modern Christmas tree make sure you take your time and go armed with the colors of the room you wish to set the tree up in. When you have questions ask a qualified sales person to help. Spicing up your decorations with a trendy tree will set the tone with your holiday season for many years. Modern trees give us a new canvas to express holiday spirit.