If you are a guy who made your move and successfully made arrangements for that first date or a girl that has broken the "chivalry" code by asking a guy out, then you are about a third of the way home. Now comes the hard part....getting to know your date. Creating conversation with a date is both very exciting and very awkward and scary at the same time. There will be moments of silence as the both of you try to figure out what to say next. Here are some questions that you can ask on a first date.....

  • What does he or she like to do? This is probably one of the easiest questions to ask that will get a response that will carry the conversation to other places. The best part is that you can discover if your interests are mutual. A hobby that the two of you have in common can be a great way to make that second date.
  • What does she or he want to do with their lives? Once again, this question is a good ice breaker and chances are good that it will open into a myriad of potential conversation. And with that said, you will also be able to discover common interests.
  • What is his or her favorite music? Questions like this will generally draw a neutral response but you can further this question by asking things like "what song is on your ipod?" This will help you understand your date better and chances are good this will be a reciprocal question. If you discover that you date likes to read and you are a reader as well, you can talk about recent books that you have read and how they affected you.
  • What are your favorite movies and TV shows? Just like the music question, movies and TV shows let you explore common interests. And chances are good that you and your date will be able to find a movie that they really like. This type of first date question is great for looking ahead to the future for a second date.
  • Does he or she have any brothers or sisters? What is his or her family like? You can tell a lot about a person by how close they are to their family and more importantly, this is probably one of the safer personal questions that you can ask on a date.
That is pretty much it. If you ask these questions and your date is interested in you, you can expect to spend several hours talking and enjoying each other's company. Conversation is key to getting a second date. If the time you spend talking is limited and the silence is long, then your date will likely find you boring....and this is the last thing you want if you are interested.

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