When you are thinking about hiring a tutor for your struggling student there are important questions you should be asking them.

Do you have any past experience?

You want to hire a tutor who has some past experience with tutoring. You want to find someone who is going to be able to explain certain difficult subjects to your child so that they can gain a good understanding of the material. Whether it be they have tutored other students or even their brothers and sisters, past experience is important.


Do you have any references?

If you find someone who already has past tutoring experience ask them if they have any references you can contact. These references will allow you to gain some insight into whether or not they were successful in tutoring kids in the past. It is important that you are hiring someone who will be able to get your child some results.

What is your tutoring philosophy?

Many times a tutor has way in which they approach tutoring. It is important that you find out their teaching methods as you want your child to be able to learn something from them. Sometimes it seems that a child is getting the right answers on their papers and homework assignments s but when it comes to tests they do badly. You want to make sure that you are hiring someone who is teaching your child not simply giving them the answers.

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What makes you qualified to be a tutor?

You don’t want to just hire any tutor; you need to make sure that they are qualified to be teaching your child. If your potential tutor doesn’t do well in math, is that really someone you want to be teaching your child basic math knowledge? If you are hiring a tutor from within a school system see if it is possible to talk to their teachers to make sure they are qualified to be teaching other students.

Can you make learning fun for my child?

Most of the time learning can be a bit of a drag. Reading out of textbooks is dry reading and can become a bore so it is important to make learning fun. Ask your potential tutor if they know ways that can make learning more fun. Most tutors are going to have a few ways they can make learning new material a bit more fun which in return makes it easier to learn and apply. Simple games such as flash cards, jeopardy, and match games are games that many tutors use to teach students, so see if your potential tutoring candidates use any games such as these.


What other activities are they involved in?

If you are looking to hire a tutor you are going to want to make sure that they have time for you. If the individual you are looking at is busy with school, sports, clubs, community activities, etc then they may not have time for tutoring.

Do you have any questions?

It is important that you give your tutoring candidate a chance to ask you questions. They may want to know more about what is expected of them and what you want the end results to be. The more questions they have for you the better, as you can tell that they really want to help out your struggling student and aren’t merely in it for the money.