Ok, girls, this one's for you! We've all come across someone that seems perfect. He has dark, seductive eyes, thick hair and a tanned, toned body. His voice is deep and lets throw in an accent just for the heck of it shall we? He smiles and your heart jumps into your throat. But is he right for you?

There are things you should know before getting into a relationship with anyone, even if he seems like he just walked straight out Gone with the Wind. He may be no Rhett Butler. It's not hard to get a basic feel for his feelings though, a few questions will start a conversation that allows you to get to know the real him.

1. How does he feel about his family? Are they close? This is surprisingly important. You've heard the old saying, "Look at how a man treats his mother, that's how he'll treat you." It's true. Does he respect his family? If he respects them, chances are he'll respect you.

2. What religion is he? This is another big one. Several religions don't believe in marrying people of another religion. Also, this will affect his views on intimacy as well as his role in the relationship. AKA. It's a big deal.

3. What is he looking for in a relationship? We all know the guy that just wants a hookup. And that is fine if it's what you're looking for too. However, you should find out before you hop in bed with him and he's gone the next day, leaving you alone and looking for a commitment. This works the other way also. Is he looking for a commitment and a family? These are important things to know.

4. This one can be a deal-breaker. Sex. Not everyone believes in sex before marriage. Is this going to be an issue? You need to know where your physical boundaries lie before you get caught up in the moment and wind up in a compromising situation.

5. Political views. I know this one seems kind of silly, but you'd be amazed how much of a difference it makes if one of you is extremely conservative and the other is entirely liberal. Think of the situations that could arise if one of you were pro-choice and the other against abortion… that's just one of many scenarios that could pop up.

6. Okay, this one isn't a question per se, but it will help you get to know him. Meet his friends. Let them tell you stories about him over dinner or something. They'll tell you who he really is. Also, note their behavior. Do they cuss? Drink excessively? Smoke? Guys tend to hang out with guys that are similar. This could be your chance to figure out if this relationship is right for you.

Okay. Those are the big ones. Use them as springboards to find out other important information about his lifestyle such as drinking, smoking, habits, hobbies, etc. Now, all these questions aside, don't let fear of a bad relationship ruin your chances for a good one. If you meet Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, by all means, go for it! Good luck!