Could this world be like that without God?

If there's no God then where do we come from?

I often hear people say that there would be no God and all the beings in this world exist because of evolution. They say that this world and the whole universe came to existence because of a big bang. They also say that before that big bang there was nothing visible.

For some people these theories seem to be consistent and logical, but for me these theories trigger questions:

1.: If according to scientists nothing can come from nothing, how and why can the universe come to existence out of nothing in the big bang?

Because if the universe or its matter had no dimension and neither time nor space it was not existent. So the big bang is just as much a matter of faith or belief as they say God would be. For me the big bang has not more but less credibility than the existence of God. That is because if you watch closely to the nature you'll see that everything there makes sense. Nature works even better than the best masterpiece of Swiss horology. That can't really be a product of coincidences. There must be a divine mastermind behind that all.

2.: Do you really think the world and the whole universe can't be made by God, just because the things written in the Bible don't comply with modern science?

The Bible is a collection of books written by humans but at least partially inspired by God. It's the same with the Qur'an and other holy books. The problem with all these books is that the people who wrote it could only write according to their language and understanding. Even though they were inspired by god, their knowledge and their understanding was limited by their development. Mankind that time was still young and mentally not as developed as now. Of course they were not able to imagine what are millions of years. And on the other hand time is not the same for an eternal god as it is for us. So the world is in my opinion created by god. What the modern science calls evolution is the way how god creates the world and us. I say intentionally that he creates us and not that he created us, because I don't think that the creation is finished yet. God creates the humans according to his design and what we are now can't be the final product, because we still have too many flaws.

3.: Do you really think there couldn't be a god because there is so much evil in the world and so many bad things happen?

God is the creator of the world as well as our creator and therefore is also like our father. He gave us the ability and the freedom to make our own decisions. That freedom includes also the duty to bear the consequences of our decisions. Most bad things in this world happen because people made the wrong decisions. The good thing is that mankind develops by the perceptions of these things, that are consequences of their decisions, no matter if they were right or wrong. If you keep all your senses open and also open your heart to God you will even make the experience that often he gives us advice about what would be the right decision. In the end we have the freedom to follow his advice or not. Whatever we do will be our decision and we have to bear the consequences. So the evil and bad things that happen are not in Gods responsibility but in the responsibility of those who make the wrong decisions.