facebook1A good Internet network and quick had not been feel yet by people in Indonesia. Quick or not it is still relatively, because there are some typical Internet user. Measuring the speed of loading Facebook's quick or not might be different standard for some people, because there are some people which Facebook can't separated from their daily lives. Surely, this is very disturbing when loading Facebook that suppose to be less than 5 seconds, but opened even after more than 30 seconds because the internet connection problems.

Usually people who have never read weird solutions to overcome the slow access to open facebook will make access Facebook via their Facebook page m.facebook.com, it is usually opened by phone or other mobile device that displays a simple view of Facebook. Unfortunately due to the access priority to the view that there was a bit neglected, we can see the look on facebook m.facebook.com which not comfort view, so what is the solution or any other alternative?

The solution is x.facebook.com and m.facebook.com or iphone.facebook.com. By accessing the address will look different view but still looks m.facebook.com which more minimalist and most importantly better look good compared to m.facebook.com.

The second page will look the same, these addresses are actually intended to mobile phone user with a particular type. For obvious iphone.facebook.com to access the Facebook via iphone and x.facebook.com to access Facebook via mobile phones nokia x series.

To see the look of iphone.facebook.com and x.facebook.com, we can see an example below

view of m.facebook.com


view of x.facebook.com & iphone.facebook.com


oops, this is a little extra tip i give to you, When the first time I was a little confused where to update the status, and simply by pressing writing on the status of the left top. But unfortunately I have not found a way back at the status of a friend.

please enjoy playing facebook safely with this new alternative:)