Massage Therapist
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Are you a person that enjoys working with your hands?  Would your ideal work environment include soft music and a relaxing atmosphere?  If the answer to these questions are yes and you need to quickly change careers; message therapist may be right for you.

The field of massage therapy can open many doors for you.  Someone that is interested in traveling to vacation spots can have their trips paid for in return for their services.  Imagine being able to go to Hawaii for two weeks and your only expenses are food and drinks.  As a massage therapist you work with your hands to relieve muscle tension and stress through therapeutic muscle manipulation.  You can assist your client with rehabilitation from injury, some forms of pain relief and provide them with an overall feeling of wellness.

To become a massage therapist you can choose a trade school or a continuing education program to get your certification.  You can get either a certificate or license depending on what state you get your training in.  The biggest requirement is the contact hours which can range between 300 to 1100 hours.  Your work place can be in a Spa, hotel, private office, client’s personal residence, cruise ships, etc.  You can work for someone or start your own business.  This makes massage therapist a great career for someone that craves flexibility of schedule and as much time off as possible.

In order to be the best possible massage therapist you really need to know your craft.  You should have a warm personality and enjoy working with others.  You should be able to provide each client with great customer service and ensure that you understand their needs.  Consistently continue training opportunities to enhance your skills; this keeps you sharp and in demand. 

 If you are trying to make a determination whether to work for an organization or yourself, there are some things you need to consider.  Are you willing to do your own marketing and networking?  Will you be able to organize your appointments and do your own bookkeeping?  Would you be happier knowing you have set hours in an office or spa?  Would you like having a set salary?  These questions need to be carefully considered as you weigh and measure your options.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapist has a job growth rate of 20% over the next 10 years.  With the median salary is around 34 thousand dollars however, many massage therapist make far above this salary. 

If you think you have what it takes to help others feel better and provide them with a release from the pressures of life; look into this career.  As a massage therapist you are the captain of your own ship so the future is totally up to you.  For most people that would make this a dream career.  Maybe you just found your next profession.