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If you are looking to change careers and enjoy helping others get into shape then Personal Training is a great option.  The job of the Personal Trainer is to motivate individuals and groups through exercise and nutrition programs.  You will be able to work with all groups of people both young and old, regardless of their current physical state.   Your main purpose is to help people reach their goal of becoming physically fit.

Where Will I Work?

            As a personal trainer you can work in gyms, YMCA’s, health clubs, colleges as well as owning your own business and doing personal training session’s one on one in client’s homes.  Your environment may include facilities with many types of workout equipment and you must be well versed on how to use all pieces.  This career gives you an opportunity to branch out in different areas of physical fitness.  Depending on your interests, the sky is the limit on the services you can provide.

What Are the Educational Requirements?

            The road to becoming a certified personal trainer is actually pretty simple.  You can take a continuing education course at a local college and then sit for the exam.  You can also do one or more online personal training courses and take an exam by proctor.  Some of the highly accepted certifications are the NASM-CPT and ACE personal training certifications.  Either of these two will give you an edge on finding a job after their completion.  If you want to do group instruction, you can take additional courses.  These will help ensure that you are up to date on the latest trends in group exercises such as Zumba Fitness.

What is the Job Outlook?           

Due to the current problem in the United States with obesity; personal trainers are in high demand.  If you can show a good success rate with weight loss and positive health changes you will have plenty of work.  Word of mouth brings personal trainers some of their best customers.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment growth is expected to be over 24 percent until 2020.  Due to the high cost of health insurance many employers are encouraging their employees to joint fitness programs and gyms which mean more clients for you. 

What is the Median Salary?

            The annual salary for a personal trainer or group instructor is around $32,000 a year.  For a few months of hard work you can have a new career with a good starting salary.  For an even larger salary, you can look at becoming a personal fitness consultant to a company and charge a much higher rate for your services.  Your charges may include several group classes a week and one on one instruction for those they wish to pay more.  You can also add a nutritional plan which will help them to not only get into shape, but to stay in shape. 

            Personal training is all about health and wellness of people.  If you want a job that gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others to change their lives  and bodies then this is the career for you.  Enroll into a program today and begin the journey to changing your life.