Cleaning may seem like a task that could take forever. But with these quick tips you’ll have your house looking great in no time! Do you have a deadline to meet – maybe someone is coming over – but you don’t have the house cleaned yet? Don’t worry - the less time you have, the more perfect this article is for you!

The Solution to Excess Clutter. If there is excess clutter lying around on the floor, put it into a nearby basket or bin. Having large baskets around the room is helpful because when you want to quickly clean you can just put everything into them. If your children have a lot of toys, you can use closed bins and when it comes time to clean just have them put all their toys into these, and then close the lids. Wooden boxes won’t clash with the rest of your décor and will be very functional as a place to store your children’s toys. You can even paint them any color you would like, to make them blend in. 

Wash and Dust in No Time at all. Next, vacuum the rugs and wash the floors. Clean floors can make all the difference in the overall impression a house gives to guests – so even if you don’t get to anything else, your guest may just feel like your house has undergone a full renovation when they see shining, newly-cleaned floors.

After cleaning the floors, begin dusting. You won’t have time to dust everything – so just start with large surfaces, as those are the most important. Use a wet cloth to wipe off these surfaces so the dust does not infiltrate the air. Use a larger cloth to save time, since you will be able to clean more space at once.

Next, clean the counters in your kitchen and polish them to make them shine. Use a natural polish to avoid bringing toxic chemicals into your kitchen.

And Make it Fun! How do you make the entire process of cleaning go by more quickly? How do you make yourself speed up and quickly move from one task to the next, instead of lingering because you don’t want to tackle a project? How about putting on some music, listening to the radio, or cleaning with someone else so you have someone to talk to – and because the job will get done faster with more than one person. If you have children, get them involved – but don’t make it seem like a chore. Make it into some sort of a game where they can have fun while they clean. There are ways to turn each type of cleaning into a game kids will love – all it takes is a little creativity. And with some extra hands, the cleaning will get done much faster.

So, hopefully these tips will have your home clean in no time – and leave you with time to spare!