A kid dreams of a Disney Halloween costume to trick or treat in. At least most kids do. And with the ever rising costs of Halloween costumes, you may be wondering how it is possible to keep up with it all. Instead of worrying so much about the entire set for a Disney Halloween Costume, you can actually piece it together and your kids will stand out as it will be a Disney Halloween Costume, but unique! Here's how to find quick Disney Halloween costumes for Kids

Things You Will Need



Step 1

What girl doesn't want to be a Disney Princess for Halloween? With so many princesses to choose from some girls don't want to be a particular Disney princess, they just want to be a special Disney Princess. For this simple costume you need a fancy dress, matching shoes, and a tierra. If you buy the tierra at a Disney store you will notice that one tierra fits all Disney characters. Plus, your little girl can dress up in her own clothes to make her extra special

Step 2

Another very popular Disney Character Halloween Costume is Woody. Dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls, this is a fun Disney Halloween costume for any age and quite original. The idea of a cowboy or coywgirl means a western hat, a plaid shirt, a brown (or solid color) vest, pair of blue jeans and boots (which are optional). You could also have rope and a stuffed cow as accessories for your kid to carry.

Step 3

Another fun costume which takes a little more work is the Disney fairy costumes. There are a number of Disney fairies to choose from including Tinker Bell. With a pair of wings, tights and an one piece for your child to wear, your new litle fairy is perfect with a wand. Of course Tinker Bell is green, but there is a purple fairy, a light blue fairy and others!

Step 4

Disney Villains are easy to make into Halloween Costumes. While Cruella de Ville may not be your child's first choice, the wicked witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs might be if your child is planning to dress up like a witch anyway. Don't forget all the accessories for your Disney Villians as that is what makes these outfits so special As with any holiday, we always want to get our child the best. Sometimes it isn't necessary to have Disney Licensed items to have a Disney costume. Putting the pieces together is a life experience with your child that can't be replaced at a store! Happy Halloween!

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