Are you in a bind and needing quick easy money making ideas that will pay off fast? Yep, most of us have been in a bind before and felt this way. You are not alone in your search for legitimate money making ideas that will get you paid in a hurry. There are hundreds of ways to get the job done without too much pain to either yourself or your family.

Start by looking honestly at your situation and evaluating what you needs are. How much money do you need to come up with? When do you need it by? What are your options for raising it? If you are lucky enough to only need a little money at the end of the month you will have far more options than if you need a bunch of money today. Once you figure out what your needs are, then consider what you are willing to give up to get the funds you are looking for to solve your financial problems.

Immediate Emergency Cash Needs

Check for hidden cash around your house. Look in your pockets, in old purses, in a change jar or piggy bank if you have one, or in any other place you may have stashed some cash and forgotten about it.

Recycle something. Turn in your recyclables, scrap metal, glass, newspapers and plastics. The payout is immediate and you may get a lot more than you were expecting.

Borrow the need amount from family or friends.

Take out a payday loan if your needs are of short duration and is a temporary cash flow problem.

Cash Needed Within a Week

Get a casual job for just a day, or do odd jobs to make some extra money. Look for these listings in the paper or on Craigslist. You may also want to post a services offered ad of your own.

Sell something. Look around and see what you can sell to raise some money. List your items for free on free classified boards online or place an ad in the thrifties section in the local paper.

If you have a lot of stuff you could part with, why not have a garage sale? You could raise a lot of money really quickly if you are willing to wheel and deal.

These are only a quick easy money making ideas, and there are others. Be willing to explore your options, and keep an open mind and you will be able to come up with the needed cash.