The Flat Belly Diet book is obviously a book on getting a flat belly. This article is going to be a Flat Belly Diet book review, so hopefully this will help you in whatever weight loss journey you are planning to go on. First off, whether you do the Flat Belly Diet or another, you have to know that in order to truly lose weight you must have the mindset and the commitment to do this.

Without the commitment you really are wasting your money!

With that said, let us get down to business, shall we?

The Flat Belly Diet Book Review

The book is written by two authors, Liz Vaccariello & Cynthia Sass, both of whom have authored many books in the weight loss industry. Usually underneath their current brand The Flat Belly Diet, and you can find any of their books for sell on Amazon pretty easily.

They go into great detail on fats and the differences between fats. Focusing on one type of fat called a visceral fat that is the most dangerous to your health. Then they begin talking about a MUFA diet, which according them is the only diet researched that successfully gets rid of belly fat.

Problems with the MUFA Diet

Even though this type of diet can help you lose weight as the authors of the Flat Belly Diet suggest. It is actually very difficult to maintain if you were to follow my philosophy and make the mental change towards a healthy lifestyle.

The reasoning why is that the MUFA Diet is just too restrictive for most people, they will not be able to stomach eating this way for months on end. So it promotes insustainability, which is a very important factor when it comes to deciding your ultimat weight loss. Or whether or not you even lose weight for that point!

Complaints on the Flat Belly Diet Book

There are a lot of reviewers of the book that did not enjoy it, mainly due to this reason of sustainability issues. The readers say that the ingredients to create the healthy foods were just too complicated to get and were very expensive since you had to buy them from speciality stores.

This makes sense that people would dislike it. Even if the diet worked fantastic, the sheer fact of expense and just a huge change of habits, often spells doom for people looking to really make the transition and become healthy.

Another problem readers had were they really did not want to go on for the rest of their lives having to eat the foods in the restricted MUFA diet. This lack of variety and restrictive-ness is again part of the reason why many will fail should they choose to go onto the Flat Belly Diet.

However.... just so again you are fully aware, most people will fail with the Flat Belly Diet book versus succeeding simply because of mindset reasonings. Though I do believe there are better options out there for the averege Joe looking to escape the waistband prison.

Can You Succeed With the Flat Belly Diet Book?

Absolutely! But you can also succeed much easier with other diets is my opinion. The work here is good, the book definitely is not conning anyone, though it may be exaggerating a little when it comes to the actual simplicity of the diet.

The main issues with the Flat Belly Diet book is that it does not take into account the lack of discipline people have with themselves. It needs to first build a healthy blueprint mentally, get people readily committed to changing their lifestlyes towards a more healthy approach.

I hope this Flat Belly Diet book review has helped you, and all the success to you in your health-goals & journey!