So you`re stuck in a bind and have to get your hands on a last minute outfit to wear on the spookiest night of the year? There are a few quick Halloween costume ideas that most adults can execute; however, they must have the materials on hand and some craft skills. All of the quick Halloween costumes in this article involve using things that you probably already have lying around the simply need a creative mindset!

These costumes are perfect for two types of adults:

1. People that are looking for a costume on the eve of Halloween and need an outfit that they can create relatively quickly

2. People that are on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend $80-$100 on a Halloween costume to wear for one night of the year

Regardless of which of those two people that you are, you will easily be able to use these quick Halloween costume ideas for adults!

Dress Up As A Decade Of Your Choice

Every decade had a different look that was associated with it. There is a bit of overlap; however, people from the 50’s generally dressed differently from people from the 60’s! One of the easiest adult Halloween costume ideas to execute is wearing an outfit from a specific decade!

You should be focusing on representing that decade using everything that you are wearing from our head to your toes!

Here are some examples:

50’s-This decade was all about leather jackets, so you should be sure to incorporate one in your outfit. Throw on a pair of old-looking blue jeans, a white shirt, a pair of aviator sunglasses and your 1950’s Halloween costume will be complete!

60’s- This decade was all about happiness and love, so your 1960’s Halloween costume should incorporate some flowers and peace signs.

70’s- All of the 70s costume ideas that you want to execute must incorporate some sorts of hippie clothing! Find a pair of bell bottom jeans and platform shoes!

80’s- Dance music and euro dominated this decade so platform shoes and blazers should be a part of any 80s Halloween costumes that you create!

The list can go on and on; however, the important thing is that you dress up in a few pieces of clothing that represent the decade!

Wear Your Bridesmaid’s Dress On Halloween

This Halloween costume idea is quick, and can be used by many females that have been bridesmaids before! Most bridesmaids think that they are only going to use the dress on one occasion...the wedding. However, this Halloween costume idea can change that!

Simple head into your closet and put on the bridesmaid’s dress that you wore to someone’s wedding. You should try to do your makeup and wear shoes that would make it look like you are going to a wedding as well! A Halloween costume must be COMPLETE in order to give off the vibe of a person, character, or thing!

Wear An Old Or Current Uniform

I can almost guarantee that everyone that is reading this has some sort of uniform lying around the house. It may be a band uniform, sports uniform, or even a school uniform; however, every single person that is reading this article has access to a uniform!

Two things are important when trying to execute quick Halloween costume ideas for adults: they must be easily accessible and easy to put on.

Any of the uniforms that you may have will possess both of these features! Basically, throw on a uniform, and you will have gotten yourself a quick and easy costume to wear!

Dress Up As A Bride-Wear Your Wedding Gown

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the bridesmaid’s dress idea because bride’s also think that they are only going to wear their dress once!

I know that many brides will be very reluctant to wear their wedding dress on Halloween, but this is the perfect quick costume idea for divorced women! Divorcees have their wedding dresses lying around the house, and have been detached of the sentimental meaning of them. They can put on their wedding dress, and have one of the best Halloween costumes that a woman can wear!

At the end of the day, dressing up for Halloween is simply about looking good and having fun. There are 4 distinctive adult costume ideas in this article that can be quickly and easily executed. Not only are these easy to pull off, but these costumes will attract a lot of attention.

Dressing up is only half of the battle...the other half lies within acting the part. Don’t hesitate to speak with an accent or hop around a bit...act like the person that you are dressing up as.

These quick Halloween costume ideas for adults are perfect for men and women with all types of personalities!