Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year, but people just never seem to have enough time to devote 5 or 6 hours to creating a costume; people are looking for Halloween costumes that can be made rather quickly. The shifts at work have gone from being an average of 8 hours to an average of 10, so everyone has begun looking for quick Halloween costume ideas that they can slap together in less than an hour.

The most amazing thing about all of these Halloween costumes is the fact that they will not take up a lot of your time! People in this world are busy, and these costumes ideas will allow you to have your Halloween outfit situation taken care of in less than an hour!

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You can choose to make some of these Halloween costumes with various clothes and accessories or simply buy them online...your work will be done in less than an hour, regardless of the option that you choose!

Dress Up As A Bunch Of Grapes

People automatically assume that creating homemade fruit costumes is difficult; however, this is far from being true! Creating your own grapes costume can be as easy as filling up balloons with air!

The easiest way to create this homemade costume is to:

-Wear a long sleeve shirt that is red, green, or purple

-Fill up 10-15 balloons that are the same color as the shirt that you have chosen to wear

-Tape those balloons onto your shirt

Each balloon that you will have filled up will resemble a grape, and taping many of them to your shirt will make you look like a big bunch of grapes. You can also wear brown pants to resemble the stem of the grapes!

There are also many other fruit costumes that you can wear on Halloween...a bunch of grapes is only one of the many options!

A Homemade Incredible Hulk Costume For Guys With Good Bodies

Many guys spend hours at the gym and want to show off the bodies that they have worked hard for...this is the perfect costume to show those abs that you have done so many sit ups to get. You will need:

-An old shirt and pair of pants

-Green face paint

Take a pair of scissors and cut up the shirt and pants in as many places as you can! You can also use your hands to make some tears in the material to make it look more realistic. Once you have destroyed your old clothes, you should take the green face paint and use it to color every square inch of your body. The Incredible Hulk was completely green, so missing a few spots will literally throw off the entire costume.

Act angrily and keep your fists clenched to give off the absolute best DC comic costume appeal. This is one of the best when it comes to quick Halloween costume ideas because it can be done on a last minute basis and only takes minutes to create!

Alternately, you can take a look at the huge selection of Incredible Hulk Halloween costumes on Amazon if want to look EXACTLY like the angry DC character!

Some Of The Easiest Halloween Costumes Using Things That You Have Around Your House

Sometimes the best Halloween costumes are the ones that took less than 5 minutes to create! They are usually the ones that make people laugh once they have realized what you are dressed up as!

Here are some ideas that you can execute on this October 31st:

-Walk around while carrying a quarter in one hand and a hammer in the other. You will be dressed as a “quarter pounder”
-Dress up in a black shirt and black pants while placing a few postage stamps on your outfit. You will be in a “black mail” costume

-Use a rope and an old CD to create a homemade necklace, and carry around a lighter in one of your hands. People will end up asking what you are dressed up as, and you can tell them that you are a “CD Burner”

-Use black face makeup to draw a “P” around each of your eyes and walk around singing “Where is the Love”. Tell people that you are dressed up as the black eyed peas!

All of these are awesome choices when it comes to quick Halloween costume ideas, but you can also consider purchasing the outfit from below if you REALLY want people to admire what you are wearing!

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At the end of the day, Halloween is about having fun in the costume that you are wearing, and nothing is better than having your costume ordered or created within 60 minutes! Keep these quick costume ideas in mind for next Halloween, and you will definitely avoid stressing out over what costume you will be wearing!