10 handmade Christmas gifts ideas for kids

Crayons Handmade Christmas Gifts

Everyone, especially the children, love the Xmas season. In fact, they really look forward to that special day because there's Santa Claus, the bright lights at night, the trees, and of course - the presents. But with the current economic crisis, we're all looking for ways on how we can save up money on Xmas, a time when people usually spend hundreds of bucks on food, clothes, presents, and some other things. These handmade Christmas gifts are not only cheap but also easy to do.

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1. Handmade Christmas Gifts > Crayons

Your children still probably have some crayon stubs in their rooms, so what you can do is to collect them all and recycle them to big, thick crayons. These are very nice handmade Christmas gifts that children will really appreciate. If you are creative enough, then you can make them in different shapes and sizes. Remember that children are more attracted to things that are in variety. You can also purchase a coloring book for a perfect match.

2. Handmade Christmas Gifts > Denim Pocket Purse

This is another DIY present that is perfect for kids - particularly for little girls. Your old jeans do not have to be in the garbage right away. Their back pockets can still be used, and some even have delicate sequins and beads or embroideries. What you can do is to take those pockets out and turn it into a cute pocket purse. It's cheap, and very quick to do!

3. Handmade Christmas Gifts > Felt Boards

Felt boards are great handmade Christmas gifts for kids, but they can be quite expensive when you purchase them. If you are running out of ideas, then this is something that you may want to consider. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars with this type of present for the little ones, plus they are very quick to do. In fact, you can do this in less than an hour.

3 Handmade Soap4. Handmade Christmas Gifts > Homemade Soaps

Just so you know soaps are one of the easiest things that you can do - making them economical - yet wonderful handmade Christmas gifts that you can give to children. Create them in different colors, sizes, and shapes. A pound or two of glycerin soap (depending on the number of children you wish to give the soaps to) is all you need for that excellent holiday present.

5. Handmade Christmas Gifts > DIY Jewelry

This is among the cutest handmade Christmas gifts to give for the little girls. These are very quick to do and will surely be appreciated by them. You can just purchase a nylon string and a couple of colorful beads and you are all set! In addition, things like hearts, stars, and flowers attract the little girls, so if you have anything in those shapes, then you can use them as well.

6. Handmade Christmas Gifts > Sock Monkey

Sock-MonkeyA sock monkey is one of the best handmade Christmas gifts for kids. They would surely love to play and look at it once you have given it to them. You don't have to worry if this will be your first time to make a sock monkey as there are several websites that have videos on how to create it. This will definitely be an enjoyable experience for you.

7. Handmade Christmas Gifts > T-shirt Quilt

This is another wonderful Xmas present that children will surely love as it will be a great addition to their room. Find out what they exactly want, but in most cases, they want something that has lots of colors.

Craft Basket8. Handmade Christmas Gifts > Craft Basket

Children are very creative in their own little way, so a craft basket can be an excellent present for them. You can customize the basket or box by putting colorful designs, and then fill it with crayons, glue stick, colored papers, wooden shapes, buttons, scissors, wooden shapes, and a craft apron that would perfectly fit them. This is one of the cheapest presents you can give, but for the children, this is going to be priceless!

9. Handmade Christmas Gifts > Play Dough

Play dough has always been popular for kids. In fact, it has become one of the "staple toys" that they play with every day because of the fact that they can do a lot of things with it – with or without a playmate around. You'd be surprised that some of the things necessary to create a play dough can be found right in your kitchen, so imagine the savings you're going to get without compromising the fun that the little ones deserve to have.

10. Handmade Christmas Gifts > Scrapbook

Scrapbook KitThis is an all-time favorite among the little girls, although there are little boys, too, who can appreciate it. They can do so many things with it, and some keep it as their journal or diary. You can put different and colorful designs for a more personal touch. If you know the favorite color of the child you are giving the scrapbook to, make it as its main color together with few other colors. The kid will surely be delighted to keep your present!

Children do not really care about whether the presents they have received are expensive or cheap. What they actually want is something that can be useful to them and something they would love to play with and look at over and over. Try to find out what interests them because it will help you determine what they truly appreciate. And when giving them presents be sure that it is appropriate for their age so they are safe playing with or using them.

Apart from these 10 I will enumerate just some more ideas of quick presents: a mixed DVD with photos, videos with memorable family moments, mirrors frames, lollipops, wild hats sewn from polartech, books on tape for kids with you telling a Xmas story about your childhood or about something you want they to remember.

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