IQuick Healthy Chicken in Sauce RecipeCredit: morguefile.comf you are looking for something quick and tasty for dinner then try this quick healthy chicken in sauce recipe.

This is dead simple and tastes great.  You can add to this recipe to change up the taste or serve it as it is, but it is quick and simple.  You can also make a larger batch and freeze it ready for another dinner.

Here is what you will need:

4 boneless chicken breasts (or bone in your choice)

1 medium sized onion, peeled and chopped (or simply sliced whichever is quickest and easiest for you!)

Drop of vegetable oil (or your oil of choice)

1 can cream of mushroom soup.  I use Campbell’s but your choice

½ can milk (soup can)

Chopped veggies such as red and green peppers or you can simply buy a bag of frozen stir fry veggies where you simply throw them in or frozen peas.  It all depends on how much preparation time you have.

Salt and pepper to taste or your favourite spices

Optional: grated old cheddar cheeseQuck Chicken RecipeCredit:


In a large frying pan, pour in some oil and heat over med/high heat.  Add the chopped onion and sauté until soft and then add the chicken breasts and your salt and pepper or spice of your choice.  Steak spice works well in this recipe too, but you can experiment.

Once the chicken has cooked right through with no pink showing at all, then you can open the can of cream of mushroom soup into a large bowl or measure cup and then add ½ can of milk and stir until well blended.

Add this mixture to your chicken in the frying pan.  Reduce the heat to med/low and then add your chopped veggies.

Let this simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes and then add your grated optional cheese and you have a great quick chicken recipe!

You have your protein and your veggies, so all you need to have with this is some rice, or if time is short you can simply have a whole grain dinner roll or if you purchase the stir fry veggies in a package, they will quite often have small potatoes in with the veggies.

You could also serve this over noodles.  The choices are endless, but this is a warm and hearty tasting quick healthy chicken in sauce recipe that can be changed by simply adding different spices or veggies or by adding different grated cheeses.

This also freezes well once cooled and would make a great instant dinner for a busy night.

You can also get the mushroom soup in lower fat versions if you are watching your fat content. 

Pre-cook Chicken Ahead of Time - Time Saving Tip!Quick chicken recipeCredit:

If you are really short of time most nights but still want a nutritious dinner, then another great option to speed this quick chicken recipe up even more is to pre-cook chicken breasts on the weekend or whenever you are grilling or frying and then simply freeze the cooked chicken breasts in zip lock baggies and label them cooked and the date. (You should use up cooked meat that is stored in the freezer within a month if possible to retain great flavour)

This way when time is short, you simply can defrost them in the microwave and then follow the recipe above without the time involved for cooking the chicken breast from raw.  This will save even more time.

Soup can make great sauces, so if you are looking for a quick healthy chicken in sauce recipe and don’t have time for a scratch recipe then use mushroom soup and taste for yourself how great this tastes!

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