Interested in adding homemade food to your baby’s diet, but concerned that it will be too time-consuming?  Many parents discover that finding ways to serve babies food that they will eventually be eating (the not-from-the-jar-variety) actually helps with food aversion easier in the toddler years.

Let’s face it--the idea of preparing all your baby’s food can be daunting. It is for many new parents.  If you are considering it, the biggest thing you need to remember is that you don’t have to do it all the time, or even most of the time!  

If your schedule is busy, but you do want to infuse some fresh food into your baby’s diet, it’s actually pretty simple. While there are many tricks and tips, here are three suggestions that can make your hectic life a little easier. 

 1. Rotisserie Chicken

 Purchase a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store which you can not only serve to your family as a dinner, you can use some of the chicken meat for your baby’s meals.  A quick recipe is to grab your blender and throw in some chicken, a few vegetables, a little bit of oatmeal and add a bit of water or stock.

2.   Steamed Vegetables

 If you don’t mind using the microwave to heat your vegetables, you can easily throw in a bag of steamed vegetables, like broccoli, corn, peas or mixed bag, and add this to your blender with a little bit of water. It is best to add a little something to the vegetables, like a protein, cheese or fruit for extra flavor. In just four minutes you can have hot vegetables that have not been sitting in a jar on a shelf!

3. Quick Oatmeal with Fruit

If you purchase a jar of organic oatmeal (the stage 3 variety), you’ll easily spend a dollar per jar, which may not be enough to fill your baby up for breakfast. But if you purchase a box of organic instant oatmeal packets, they usually run about $.40 per packet. (Since  the consistency of this kind of oatmeal usually requires a little bit of blending for babies.)  

You could even add a fresh banana to the oatmeal, you will still come well under a dollar,  and you’ve been able to incorporate fresh fruit into your child’s breakfast.

 Even if you’re not interested in preparing all of your baby’s food, or even half of it, these three quick tips will help you to infuse your baby’s diet with all the fruit and foods in a likely encounter over the coming months.

 There are endless quick and easy ideas just like these that will help you to feel better about the food your giving your baby.  Not to mention, you will quickly realize how effective this technique will be for your wallet!  Buying your baby’s food is almost like going out to eat--inevitably you’ll spend more than if you had made it at home.

If you are considering it, just remember that you don’t have to do it 100% of the time for it to be effective.  Every fresh bite is a good bite.