Logitche Performance Mouse MX and Unifying Receiver


Great design and features!

Easy to setup!

Comes with everything you need!

Works as it should! Great quality!


Somewhat expensive, if you don't need all the features.

Full Review

Recently my computer mouse started playing up and becoming increasingly frustrating to use. I decided it was time for an upgrade. Since my keyboard was still working great I decided to just get a new mouse, and not a combo. If you use a computer regularly you will know the importance of having a good quality mouse and keyboard. For the casual user a simple and efficient setup will do, but for those who are after a little better performance and comfort, it may be time for an upgrade. I don't mind spending a reasonable amount of money for a product that fulfills my requirements, and that's exactly what the Logitech performance Mouse MX is. Previously I had only owned Microsoft Mice and Keyboards. This time I took some more time to research and have a look at the options available. Some important things to remember when looking for a new mouse are : Try and test them in a store, you really do need to be able to get a feel for the mouse and see if it's comfortable for your hand. You also want to check the specifications out, to see if it can do everything you need it to. Gamers will require different capabilities than those using it for general things, or graphic design, etc. And to a lesser extent, try and find something that you also like the look of. You will be using it all the time, and it's nice to have things that are appealing to look at as well. One final thing is to see what kind of lighting comes from the mouse. Some come with bright light glowing from the base, and can be distracting. If you enjoy that, you won't find it to be a problem.

The Logitech Performance Mouse MX was my choice, as it was the most comfortable for my hand, looked quite sleek and well made, has a great set of specs, and was wireless (which I was after). They retail for US $99. Since I'm in Australia, I will add the cost for us. At most stores like JB HiFi, you can find it for around Au $150. I picked up mine brand new on Ebay, with a receipt and warranty from a computer store for Approx. AU$95 including delivery. It is worth looking around as you are often able to find better deals on line than in stores. I checked mine out at a shop to see if I liked the feel of it, and then searched on Ebay and the net for a better deal. If you buy from a reputable on line store or Ebay shop, with good feedback and happy customers, and check that the product you are buying is new and carries a warranty, you should be fine.

The Performance MX is a decent size, probably most comfortable for medium to large hands. There are a lot of mini sized mice available these days, but this model is more of a full sized mouse. It features a tilt wheel that can scroll both vertically and horizontally, and a scroll wheel which can do a continuous scroll, or can be clicked to do a more controlled scroll. It has two main left and right click buttons, and 4 thumb buttons, which can be used for accessing previous and forward pages on the net, or customized for other tasks. One of them is a zoom button which is great when using certain programs when you need to zoom an image, etc. It is designed for right hand use and is very comfortable. The wireless signal is very strong and does not suffer any lag that I have noticed in a few months use. You can also connect other compatible Wireless Logitech devices to the same Unifying receiver. It has it's own rechargeable batteries, which can be charged via plugging it in to a usb port, or plugging it into an adapter (into wall socket) that comes with it. I only have to charge it every week or two, when used moderately each day. Also has a 3 led charge indicator on the side. It also uses something that the company calls Darkfield Laser Tracking, which means you can get accurate control on virtually any surface. And it does actually work. I can sit on my bed and use my mouse on my quilt cover without any problems, and the wireless signal picks up fine from across the room. Great if you want to lay in bed and surf the net.

In Closing

Overall it is a great mouse with great features. You could easily use this for gaming, graphic design, or even just very comfortable general use. If you are willing to spend a little more on a mouse that should last and perform well, you should have a look at one of these.