PreSonus Faderport (31885)


Easy to use.

Well made.

Very handy for saving space.

Great for allowing a more traditional method of mixing.


Could be expanded on to provide even more controls.

Some software may be hard to work with, best to check the PreSonus website for new drivers.

Full Review

If you are interested in recording music at home, this product could be of use to you. The availability of gear for creating a home recording studio without spending a fortune is excellent these days. Even 10 years ago a home studio would have seemed to be an expensive and confusing project. Today you can get a decent computer, an input device for your guitar and microphones, and some software, and you are able to record some surprisingly good quality audio. Well if this is something you like to do, the PreSonus Faderport is something you may want to consider adding to your setup.

The Faderport comes with the setup cd software, usb connector, power adapter, and the usual warranty/manual papers. It is well made, with a solid metal top and strong plastic base. It is reasonably light, but feels strong. This device is used as a control for your recording software program. Instead of using your mouse and keyboard to control the various functions of the software (eg. record, play, stop, mute, etc.) you use this device like a remote control. the greatest benefit being the ability to control the volume with a motorized control fader. This is excellent for bringing the "feel" back to mixing your audio. Adjusting the volume of tracks with a mouse on screen can be distracting, as you are watching what you are doing and not paying as much attention to listening. Using the Faderport you can focus on what you are hearing and adjust the volume with ease and a more traditional mixing feel. The device also features a pan control, can swap between tracks and banks with forward/back buttons, as well as solo, punch, read, write, and even more.

Larger mixing boards aren't practical for everyone, especially if you are limited by space in your home studio. A smaller device like this can become a great tool for you with the ability to swap between individual tracks to mix one at a time. When you then move back to previously mixed tracks, the motorized fader moves to the position you last set it to. It only takes up the space of a small book, or dvd. the Faderport is compatible with most major recording software for Mac and PC, including : Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Cubase, Ableton Live, and more. Powered via an adapter (to wall socket), it connects to the computer via usb. It installs quite easily and there are updates for drivers to run with different recording software updated at the PreSonus website all the time. It is compatible with 32 and 64 bit computers, and Windows or Mac OS X. I run mine on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. You should be able to pick one up brand new for approx US$ 150, or AU$ 200.

In Closing

If something like this would help you in your home studio, this particular product is definitely worth checking out. It functions great and has been an excellent edition to my studio. A space and time saver. For the price it can't be beat.