Plunging a Clogged Sink

Unstopping a Clogged Sink

Easy Solutions to Remove a Clog

Having a blocked waste disposal can cause a wide range of issues such as having dirty water fill-up both sides of your sinks. This build-up of nasty water not only produces a foul-smelling odor, but just seeing that mess in your sink can cause you to feel sick in your stomach.  Once you see this nasty water in your sink you start to think the only way to get it unstopped is to stick your hand down in that mess and find the reason that it’s stuck.

However, don’t stick your hand in the garbage disposal just yet without trying to use a few household products such as a bottle of white vinegar and two boxes of baking soda. First step to unclog your garbage disposal is to pour one box of baking soda where the garbage disposal is located and the other box into the other side of the sink. The second step in unclogging the garbage disposal is to pour the white vinegar about half each into each side of the sink. You will need to allow about 45 minutes to an hour for the vinegar and baking soda to set and start to work its magic. The last step to unclog the garbage disposal is to turn on your hot water and let it run on both sides of the sink. After you do this try to turn the garbage disposal on and see if it will become unclogged.  Be careful though because your sink will be full of water and might discard some of that nasty food and water that has stood in the sink.

If the baking soda and vinegar combination doesn’t work you may need to get you a long strand of metal preferably a coat hanger that you can run down the side of the sink opposite to your garbage disposal.  Try to get a long piece of metal wire that is durable and is approximately 2-3 foot in length.  If you look under your sink you’ll see a bend in your pipes often called an “elbow” this is likely the spot where the clog has happened. Try to get the wire to this place and move it back and forth many times to try to push the clog forward or backwards.

If this second solution doesn’t work you may have to try to take the pipes apart the elbow. However, make sure you have a bucket with you at this point to catch the nasty water that will come flowing from the pipes.  Once you get the elbow part off your drain lines and find the clog be sure to clean it out and put back together nice and snug.  Then run hot water through the pipes to flush any remaining clogs through your waste lines.

Another option to consider before taking your pipes apart is to pour a gallon of bleach into the clogged garbage disposal as well as the other side of the sink.  Let the bleach sit for about an hour then run hot water on both sides.

One of the methods above for unclogging a garbage disposal should work and save you a ton of money without the need of a professional plumber. As a reminder, try to run hot water through your garbage disposal lines at least once a week. This will not only keep your lines unclogged but keep the odor away that often comes with having a garbage disposal installed.

How to Unclog a Sink Drain Video