Quick Excel Tip of the Day: Lock Headlines

Hi Everyone, 

Looking to move your Excel reports from impressive to brilliant? Follow these quick excel tips that separate the experts from the rookies.

Have you ever been presenting an excel document over a projector and when you scroll down too far people can't see the column headers? I cringe when this happens to people because it causes mass confusion in the meeting and can be solved in SECONDS. 

Locking headers will not only help the person while creating the file, but especially everyone exposed to the file that may not know what the columns represent without reading the headers.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Let's pretend my headers on row 5
  2. Highlight the row after the header row, in this case row 6

Excel 2003

  1. Click the window menu from the toolbar
  2. Select Freeze Panes
  3. Scroll up or down and the header row will stick up at the top
  4. To remove, select window from the toolbar
  5. Select Unfreeze Panes

Excel 2007 and later

  1. Click the View tab in the ribbon (the ribbon is the top menu bar in the new excel versions)
  2. Select Freeze Panes dropdown menu under the Window group of icons
  3. Select Freeze Panes
  4. Scroll up or down and the header row will stick up at the top
  5. To remove, select Freeze Panes dropdown menu under the Window group of icons
  6. Select Unfreeze Panes

If you want to get really fancy you can freeze a row and a column by selecting one cell instead of an entire row. Let's say my header is in row 5 and column C is really important as well, I will select cell D6 and freeze panes so that regardless of where I scroll these two areas are in focus.

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