Organized office

Staying organized is vital to having success in our everyday lives, not to mention, that it also helps to eliminate stress, allows us to be on time, and above all leads us to feeling happy and accomplished. Whether you are a full-time employee, an entrepreneur, or a stay at home parent being organized is absolutely essential in ensuring that we are always operating at full capacity.. So lets get right into how anyone can become organized with these great tips.

Staying Organized Tip# 1 Priority Management

In order for us to be efficient, it is good practice to jot down all the tasks that need to be completed in the day/week/month. Having all the tasks infront of you allows you to see the big picture and enables you to situate them in order of priority. Looking at the list, organize each task from most important to least important. Next, after having your tasks organized see if any that you listed could be bundled or batched together to save more time. After you have your list finalized, put it into production.

Staying Organized Tip# 2 Time

This is something that everyone has to abide by. We all know that there are 24 hours in a day and 6-8 of those hours is sleep. Planning out the day helps to ensure that we are remaining on a schedule and staying true to our deadlines. In association with priority management having tasked timed out is great for knowing what can be done in the given day and gives an overview as to how long it will take to complete everything.

Staying Organized Tip# 3 Be Held Accountable

When we are presented with situations that drive us to succeed we strive for its achievement. By being accountable, someone knows about what it is that we are trying to achieve and there is nothing worse than being humiliated by failure. A great way to stay accountable is to make a bet with a friend or family member. Simply approach them and say “hey, I am working on “xyz” and I plan to have it done by _______, if I don’t have it done I’ll pay you 5.00 bucks.” This can be used for whatever situation that you choose, and what’s great is that the family member or friend is gonna want that 5.00 bucks. This motivates you to accomplish whatever it is that you have your sights.