Samsung Galaxy Tab has really turned heads and grabbed the attention of iPad-loving consumers. Aside from its compact size, it also boasts a lot of great features inside and out which makes it a serious contender of the all famous Apple iPad. The Galaxy Tab runs Google's Android 2.2 operating system which also caters to third-party applications and again compared to Apple’s iOS software. Despite the upcoming release of android 3.0 tablets, the Samsung Galaxy tab is still one of the best choices when it comes to android tablets.

Design: With its glossy screen, all you see is crystal clear images with a 1024x600-pixel resolution. Its multi-touch technology deserves praises as it does not delay nor lag, its response time and functionality is just about right. This android tablet features 2 cameras, one installed just above the screen with 1.3-megapixel resolution perfect for taking portraits or video chat, though the Galaxy Tab does not have a pre-installed video chat software. The 3MP camera is installed at the back with an integrated flash which also captures video at 720x480 pixels at 30 frames per second maximum. 

At the bottom of the screen houses the usual Android-style buttons for menu, home, search, and back. To enjoy your love for music and movies a standard audio jack is found on top and speakers at the bottom. Volume controls are found on the side with microSD and SIM card slot. Some telecommunication companies does not include a microSD but the Galaxy Tab has a decent internal memory of 16GB which can store hundreds of music and a number of movies that you can enjoy on-the-go and more space for new apps. 

It’s dock connector and USB adapter enables the user to connect other accessories such as a keyboard or a video output adapter. 

Features: With it’s easy to use and understand Android 2.2 operating system you can install any compatible third-party applications. The Galaxy Tab also includes the official Android Market which houses the latest applications. So far, this is the only tablet that provides great market support as compared to other tablets that offer the same. It’s home screen is very familiar to other Android smart phone with a floating Google search bar and the usual buttons. 

The Galaxy Tab is pre-installed with Youtube, photo and video gallery and Google maps. Home screen’s orientation is easily changed with the help of the built-in accelerometer sensor. The user can easily customize the home screen according to his preference. All the usual organizer apps and tools such as Calendar, Memo and Contacts are optimized to fit the large screen which can be viewed using split-screen views. Unfortunately, Android apps need more improvement when viewed in larger screens as they stretch unnaturally.

Conclusion: Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a worthy investment really close to iPad’s glorious position. Surely there will still be improvements made to it (Samsung already announced the next version of Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Tab 10) but it is still the best you can get in the price range of $400.

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