There is a lot more to the world of Harry Potter than witches and wizards. There are amazing settings and fantastic beasts.

And some not so fantastic ones.

Dressing as creature in Harry Potter’s world can be a hassle, especially when you can turn yourself into a witch or wizard with just a wand.  Fantastic beasts don’t look human and require elaborate, multi-part costumes just so others know what you are.

But while a threstal or dragon costume may be really hard to create, dressing as a dementor very easy.  They’re also a hit at events where there are a lot of Harry Potter fans.  When I went to the midnight release for the Half Blood Prince, everyone wanted to take a picture with the three girls dressed as dementors, never mind the fact they only made their costumes that day and it didn’t involve a single stitch. Dementor costumes are just that cool.

Dementor Costume by Kim-SanCredit:

Costume above designed, created, and worn by dA user Kim-San

The essentials of a dementor are the color black and flowing robes. So make sure you wear solid black.  Black shoes, black socks, and long black pants and shirt (in case your robes don’t fully cover you).  You may also want to consider black gloves.  If not, you can buy a pair of skeletal hands.

There are numerous patterns for black, flowy robes, but they take quite a bit of time.  For something simple, you can reuse a typical Halloween black robe that’s a staple in many costumes.  If it’s lacking a hood, wear a black jacket or hoodie underneath to act as one.

If you don’t have a such a black gown/robe, here are some simple options.

  1. Buy a large piece of fabric, about double your height and ideally wide enough to cover your arms (if not, you are wearing a black long sleeve shirt and gloves, right?).  Cut a hole for your head and wear the fabric like a giant poncho, sewing the edges of the robe together and a line under your arm (not at the edge of the fabric, but still not too close to your body). Cut the outer lying fabric into strips, but stop a bit before the thread line. For a cowl, do the same thing as mentioned above and wear something black on top that has a hood under the fabric.  Of course, you could use a sheer black fabric and skip the head hole, fully covering your body.
  2. If you don’t know how to sew, no problem.  It just means the majority of your costume is going to be the black clothes in your closet.  Dress all in black, including your face with face paint.  This costume is more crude, as you won’t have a full robe, but enough to get an idea.  Buy black fabric about the height of your body, and simply wear it over your head and keep it in place by holding on to it with your hands.  Or attach it to your gloves, safety pins work well.  From behind, it’ll look as if you’re wearing a flowing robe.