If you are shopping for laminate floors, then you've probably already seen products from Quick Step Laminate Flooring. While there is no company currently dominating the industry of the laminate floor, everyone who knows flooring knows Quick Step Laminate Flooring. One of their biggest selling points is that they have an incredible laminate floor range, as well as tile. Let's take a look at Quick Step Laminate Flooring and see if it's right for you.

Ease Of Installation

Quick Step Laminate Flooring is extremely easy to install. Like most laminate wood floors, it is a floating floor, which means it does not actually attach to anything other than itself. This allows it to be installed over some other floors, which is can be a boon to homeowners looking for a fast way to improve the looks of their house. If you've never installed a floor before, and you're looking for flooring, laminate from Quick Step may be your best choice.

Things To Know About Floating Floors

There are a few things that make the floating laminate wood floor different than other floors. When installing a floating floor, it is extremely important that you do not attach it to anything that is solid. You may think it won't hurt anything to attach it in "just that one spot", but it will. Otherwise, you will be stuck replacing boards since floating laminate floors are supposed to expand and contract, meaning they will definitely warp if they cannot move about. Wall moldings are not excluded from this. There are no exceptions to this; there must be space left between laminated flooring and anything solid, including the wall.

What Does Quick Step Offer?

Quick Step moves pretty quickly in changing up and refreshing the products that they offer, so don't be surprised if, before you've even read this, they've already completely changed their line-up of flooring, laminate and all. As of right now, Quick Step sells their laminated flooring in eleven collections, and each collection holds at least three options. There are a few differences in features from collection to collection, but mostly your choice will depend on preference.

Price, Warranty, and Reputation

Quick Step Laminate Flooring is actually a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, which has been making carpeting for well over a century. When it comes to price, you'll pay a bit more for the name, but with that name comes a good reputation, a lifetime warranty, and some of the easiest installation in the industry. If you plan to have someone install your laminate floor, then other options may be more cost effective for you. However, if you're planning to install it yourself, Quick Step Laminate Flooring is the way to go, if you can afford it.