It is amazing to some people that stock market history started so long ago. It seems like such a modern idea with the way that Wall Street is set up today.

Most historians count the start of the stock market to have taken place in Europe between the 12th and 14th centuries.

There were many different models of trading, but the Dutch actually came up with the concept of joint stock companies.

People could then buy stocks and would receive some of the profits if the company did well. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange began in 1602, and is a vital piece of the history of the stock market.

Stock Market history would not be complete without discussing how it started in America first.

Actually, it was Alexander Hamilton who started to develop the American stock market. He had a vested interest in this since he was the first US Secretary of the Treasury.

His idea was to promote securities trading in New York. The model was based off of how Great Britain did their trading. The hub for this activity was on Wall Street and Broad Street, and changed from securities to actual stocks.

Most people are familiar with the New York Stock Exchange as part of stock market history. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), started with 24 men wanting to charge commissions for others to trade.

Then, the New York Stock Exchange Board was created which moved to the NYSE building we are all familiar with today.

The NYSE is so well know because it is the most popular stock exchange today. It is an amazing fact that this works so well and has for so many years. There have been trillions of dollars that have passed through the NYSE!

Even though the NYSE is the most popular way to trade, there was another option created in the 1900's. The American Stock Exchange was another exchange that started up.

Of course, the history of the stock market hasn't always been so rosy and profitable. The stock market crashed back in 1929. Over a few months time, the market dipped in such a way that many people panicked.

These people pulled all of their money, and the stock market came crashing down. It is an amazing fact that the US lost $30 billion during this time.

There have been a couple other smaller crashes during that time. One was in the year 1987, and the other on September 17th, 2001. That was the first day the market reopened after September 11th.

In modern times, things have become very computerized. Trades can be submitted electronically. There are even Internet based companies that will allow you to do trades through their website.

The cost of the trades is relatively inexpensive, so if you're looking to break into the stock market and take part in history, this is the way to do it.

Stock market history is full of ups and downs. The most popular formation in the world of stocks is the New York Stock Exchange.

There are many ways to get involved in the stock market these days; the most popular method is to use the Internet.