In our last article we talked about setting up our plan for the day we were going to attempt to quit smoking. The 5 step plan consisted of preparing for the date when you were going to quit smoking, the methods you were going to use, setting up a basis for creating new habits to replace old smoking habits, putting together your support group, and rewarding yourself with something awesome for the goals end.

If you haven't read the article Quit Smoking 5 Step Planning, this is a great place to start before you try to quit smoking. We know that the cravings for nicotine can drive you nuts for the first few days when you're trying to stop smoking, but they will get better over time.

Learning how to cope with these cravings will help in your success of quitting:

Micro Meals and Ice Cold Water: Sipping icy cold with a straw can replace the effect of sucking on a cigarette. Eating micro meals that consist of lean, healthy quick foods avoid weight gain and keep your mouth busy. When that craving comes on a piece of chewing gum, hard pieces of sugar free candy or a healthy micro snack will help.

Journaling about Benefits of Not Smoking: Write down how it makes you feel when you pass on a craving, do you feel supercharged that you can do this, can you taste foods better, and is your energy level higher, how about the money you're saving by not buying cigarettes.

Smoking and Drinking: Drinking alcohol seems to influence you to want to smoke, stay clear of alcohol it is one of those trigger mechanism, it can erode your positive energy for trying to quit.

The Distraction of Activity: When you're being physically active it can give you a sense of being in control and can help in distracting you from lighting up. Set aside time to walk, jog, and play tennis. Make plans for your first few weeks trying to quit, fill your days with activities, meeting friends, family over meals, planning events everyday keep you distracted.

Non-Smoking Support Line: Now that you have know who your support group or friend is, this is the time to ask for help when you're having a craving, or feeling depressed, angry, or frustrated make sure your support group person knows the steps to walk you through or shall we say talk you out of lighting up with a cigarette.

Ok, you have made it through your first few weeks; just think you are on your way to a lifetime of health, free of nicotine addiction. But be ready for a lapse, and analyze what caused you to lapse. Then strategize ways to prevent from happening again.

If you need a place to start planning for trying to quit smoking read our article:

Quit Smoking 5 Step Planning