In any establishment or building, one place where many accidents happen is the stairs. Although there are now escalators and elevators in most establishments, stairways are still constructed for the visitor's benefit, thus, there are risks of accidents. Before an establishment or building becomes open to the public, the contractors should first ensure that the stairs do not pose any risks of injury.

In order to prevent stairs accidents from happening, building contractors, as well as visitors, should follow the easy tips below:

For building contractors:

  • The stairs should have enough lighting. Any staircase without sufficient lighting is dangerous for people.
  • If they want to place mats or carpets, they should make sure that they are fastened to the floor. Carpets should not be placed on any of the staircase steps, unless they are fastened to the surface to avoid slip and falls.
  • Handrails should be durable. The handrails serve as a guide for visitors when going up and down the stairs. Because a number of visitors may use the stairs, the handrails should be sturdy.
  • The run and rise of the stairs should satisfy building standards. The run is the surface of a staircase step, while the rise is the height between two steps. The dimension of these features should pass building safety standards.

For visitors:

  • Do not run. Whether the person is going up or down the stairs, running can be a dangerous action near the stairs.
  • As much as possible, do not carry bulky and heavy things when going up or down the stairs. Baggage may cause a person to lose his balance while using the stairs.
  • Always hold the handrail when using the stairs. Staircase users should hold the handrail to gain balance when going up or down the stairs.

These are just some tips and reminders that contractors and visitors should consider to prevent stairs accidents in establishments and buildings. Just in case a visitor got into an accident and was injured, he may sue the premises owner or the building contractor for his damages. However, he needs first to prove that the accident was not caused by his own negligence.

Stairs accidents can easily be prevented if building engineers know how to keep their stairs safe. If a stairs accident victim can prove liability, the responsible parties would be required to reimburse his expenses. In order to do this, the plaintiff should have a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer by his side.