Article writing is a source of income for many freelance writers on the internet. Writing the best article possible will bring in more readers. There are some tips and tricks you can use to get more readers out of your article content.

Quality not quantity will attract more readers. Not to say you shouldn’t have as many articles as you can write online. However, quality articles will bring in readers that will stay with you and possibly read more than one of your articles. This is where income can be made for many freelancers. Attracting readers to read your content is great if you are a blogger or writing for an article community.

These are some things you can do to make your writing or quality of content better;

  • Titles are important for your content. A title that is catchy is great. However, make certain the title of your article matches the content of your article. the body of your article should address the title information


  • An introduction to the material of your article should be provided in the first couple of sentences of the content.


  • Keep sentences short when possible. Short sentences make for an easier read. Long sentences will need reread many times. This is unattractive to a reader and they may lose interest


  • It’s nice to give examples. If you have them, include them. This is really great for a topic that may be difficult to understand


  • Wrap up your article with a conclusion paragraph. This is short and highlights the information covered in the article. Typically one or two sentences work well


  • Bullets and numbering can allow for quick reads when listings are included in an article.


  • A good article is typically close to 450 words. You don’t have to hit this number on the button but 300 or less is too short and many times 500 or more is too long. There are exceptions to these for some situations. However, try to stay around the 450 word mark


  • Make certain formatting is used when available. Highlighting, bolding or italics are great for breaking up the content and readers like them


  • Headings and subheadings are wonderful for articles. If you are writing a long article this is really nice for easier reading. You can also use these for articles that are shorter to make your content more visually pleasing.


  • Proofreading is important and vital for quality. Reread and reformat if needed. Remember you are writing for a general audience. Does it sound ok for someone who may be unfamiliar with the information you are writing about?


These are tips to aid you with writing better articles. Hopefully these will get more readers to your content and allow you to make more money.