A few pointers are all that is needed to find quick and almost free ways to give to others. Many have that philanthropic spirit, but are too busy or financial stricken to act on it. The average person can help in giving to others without bothering their circumstances.

A little e planning is needed, but nothing too intrusive. In fact, arrangements can be prearranged in less than a half-hour.

Employer Sponsored Charities

Habitat for Humanity Companies organize groups to perform volunteer activities during work hours. The advantages are two-fold; employees are empowered with greater morale and improvement of corporation public relations. Ventures consist of participating with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and local area charities.

Another employer-centered method of giving is to participate in cook and bake-off activities that benefit a local organization. An abundance of original cookie recipes or fire hot chili can be your conduit of helping. Cooking is not necessary because you can provide support by purchasing food items for you and some friends.

Call to Haul

Donation Truck

Give away unused or unwanted items without the burden of loading your car. Several thrift shops take donations and provide a hotline for merchandise pickup arrangements. Some places allow items to be placed outside and arrange pick-ups without your presence. This is a great way to dispose of items during spring cleaning or purging of closets.

Dumpster Donating

Recycle Dumpster (19434)

Recycle and help a good cause while on the go. Clever organizations are employing a new fundraising arrangement that uses large brightly colored dumpsters for collecting newspapers. The money from the recycled material is then given to the charity of the large receptacle. Recycle dumpsters can be found at schools, libraries and city parks.

Box Tops and Soup Codes

If you eat breakfast cereals or Betty Crocker products, then you can shop while benefiting others. The Box Tops for Education program benefit schools by providing desired resources in exchange for box tops. Clip labeled box tops from an abundance of products and give to an area school. Schools submit the tops and receive needed funding.

Campbell's Labels for Education program benefits education, athletics and the arts. Collect UPC codes from specially-marked merchandise and donate to a school. Campbell's, V8 and Swanson are some of the brands that participate in the program.


Giving to a charitable cause can be achieved in a speedy manner without breaking the bank. Participating in work-related events is possible due to location convenience. Pick-up and drop-off of items assist you and a needy organization. Items you already buy can benefit local schools and programs that help the community. Philanthropy is achievable at any level.