When an internet marketer has a website or webpage they wish to push up in search results, they generally need to build backlinks across the web which point back to those pages. Marketers can build those backlinks through articles written on related topics which are posted across the internet. This is why so much time is spent writing online. Ideally, those backlinks will come from many domains, domains with high page rank are preferrable, and certainly links that lack the "NoFollow" attributes are most sought after.

There are a number of great publishing sites that can be used for this purpose. Certainly InfoBarrel, Squidoo, Hubpages, EzineArticles, Helium, Gather and others are among the better choices. However, every writer needs a place where they can create those backlinks quickly and easily. A site that doesn't put too strict of a limit on how many backlinks can be used in an article, that doesn't use the "NoFollow" attribute, that ideally allows links to be embedded within the body of the article, and which allows brief compositions which won't eat up a great deal of time.

Actually, these sites do exist and while I wouldn't personally use them to publish my primary content, I do feel they offer a great place to write supportive content to help drive traffic to your articles, webpages, or blog. In addition, the ones that I use also provide AdSense revenue sharing which is a nice bonus for all that writing.

The most recent one I've encountered is Best Reviewer. The site is just out of the starting gate so it doesn't even have a page rank yet. That will change in the coming weeks of course. What it does well however is give writers the opportunity to amass a large number of backlinks very quickly.

Articles written on the site are based on a template. This makes it quick and provides a consistent, professional look to all of the content. The format of Best Reviewer articles is that of a Top 10 list. Or if you prefer, a Top 3, Top 5, Top 20 or something similar. Writing one of these articles can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes. The writer composes an introductory paragraph to their list, then they add the items, which consists of a link to a webpage, and if they like, a short summary or explanation of the the item. Once the list has been added, then a short concluding statement is made.

Writers can backlink to their own pages or the pages of others. Within an article, the writer can have as many as 20 links and they are within the body of the text, not at the end of the article in a bio box. Of course, authors can also link to their main website or blog in their profile and it will show up on every article they write.

Another site that I feel offers quick and easy backlinks is Snipsly.com. On Snipsly, writers can basically write articles as short as 3 sentences or as long as they wish. They can also include backlinks. I've seen no limit placed on links, I've used as many as 4 or 5 in some instances, although two is what I use most frequently. The links are Do Follow.

There is no set format but there is a text editor to keep things simple. Some users appear to write little more than a summary paragraph but I tend to write brief, yet full standalone articles on the site. Over the few months I've been on Snipsly, I've seen it grow. It is evolving quickly and I anticipate that it will become an increasingly valuable place to be.

On both sites, articles are published immediately. There is AdSense revenue sharing and the opportunity to interact with other writers as well. However, the primary advantage that I see, is that they offer a very fast way of gaining backlinks through brief articles.