Starting my seeds

Any one can grow vegetables. I will show you how to start a container garden.

We are living in a rough economy. It can be hard to make our dollars stretch enough to pay utilities, buy gasoline, and also pay the high price of eating healthy. I want to show you guys how you can save money and eat healthy by planting a container garden. It is a super fun, simple, and cost effective way to have access to plenty of healthy food.  Just follow these steps and you will be harvesting your vegetables in no time.


1. Look around for the best place to set up your container garden. It doesn't matter if you live smack in the middle of the city. You can still plant your vegetables. Look for a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Try to make sure it gets at least 6 hours a day. 

2. Decide what vegetables you want to grow in your container garden and go buy your seeds. Seeds are super cheap at places like Walmart. You can buy seeds for around 20 cents a packet. The only special supplies you need are some potting soil and something to put your seeds in. A lot of people start their seeds in old egg crates or plastic containers that they have saved. Just make sure whatever you choose has adequate drainage. If it doesn't poke a few holes in the bottom so the water can drain.

3. After the last frost you can plant your vegetables. Do a bit of research on what size container works well for your chosen vegetable. There is really no limit on what you can use for your containers. As long as it is large enough for your vegetable plant you can go ahead and use it. There is no need to buy anything special. Look around your house or neighborhood for things to use.  Just be sure it has enough drainage holes. If it doesn't you can drill a few in the bottom. Put your container where it gets plenty of sunlight and give your vegetables plenty of water. 

Those are the steps to growing vegetables. You don't have to spend a fortune to make sure your family eats healthy. Happy growing everyone.