With winter on the approach it seems that the skin has taken on a totally different look and state not to mention that some of us are now suffering from cracked heels. Many are searching for a quick and easy cracked heel treatment. The weather is cooler so many can hide this embarrassing problem in closed shoes or by wearing hosiery. These cracked grooves have led people to cure it themselves and thus aggravate the condition.

Deep fissures can be found on the heel or  on the sole and once  irritated it can cause some bleeding, which in turn can lead to an infection and other skin ailments. The problem is further aggravated with pressure on the foot or by friction caused by wearing the incorrect shoe size. Normally, a large amount of friction is applied to the foot when the shoe rubs against the bottom of the foot. The friction causes skin thickening and this leads to a deep wound with excruciating pain.

So what really causes cracked heels? Pure and simple it is the outcome of dry skin.  This type of condition is achieved when a person gets Psoriasis or Eczema. These are skin conditions that causes flakes and severe itching and the skin begins to peel at the surface.  Another cause is when a person spends most of their day on their feet. The feet are pressurized by the weight of the body. Being overweight causes more pressure on the feet and this in turn causes extra stress on the heel. Other causes can be diseases such as diabetes or any kind of thyroid disease. If one develops a callous and does not get rid of it, it can lead to dry cracked heels.

There are many cracked heel treatments available. First one needs to find what causes your cracked heel. Once you know the causeof your skin condition,  look for a way to re-hydrate the skin and get it to its earlier state.

Here are just some cracked heel treatments that you can try.

  1. Use an exfoliator to get rid of dry dead skin. Once the dead skin is removed it will show newer and much healthier skin.
  2. Soak your feet in warm water. This will help hydrate the skin. If you still notice dry skin after the soak, exfoliate the skin to show newer skin.
  3. Apply a moisturizing cream to the foot. For severe conditions, speak to your podiatrist to prescribe you an ointment.
  4. Get your self a foot spa at home or at a beauty spa. This is just what you may need to get rid of the dry callouses oon your foot.
  5. If all else fails make an appointment with a podiatrist. Their expert opinion will likely give you the right cracked heel treatment to cure it and prevent it from coming back.

If you do know what is the cause of your dry cracked heel, you can easily find a treatment that will work best for you. Stick with the treatment to make sure your desired result.