Hard drive recovery is not only for computer geeks and pros. Anyone who has the passion for fixing his computer on his own, for free, can pretty much start working his way out with a hard disk problem.

Basically, all you need is a simple understanding of the processes and a little technical detail on each of the guidelines. Here are some basic stuff you need to be familiar with:

First, if you think you have read enough regarding hard disk recovery applications that are downloadable online, that is what you thought. Be careful on the site location of these applications, as they do more harm than good to your computer.

If you think it cannot get worse, try talking to a computer user who has entrusted his hard disk's futile future to an unreliable (but free) recovery solution. He ended up losing his files, and his hard disk was unusable no matter how many times he attempts to load it again.

Second, always make sure that you configure the System Restore settings in your computer. This way, a thorough hard drive recovery will no longer be necessary especially if the system can undo undesirable changes that have caused the computer to start malfunctioning.

System defragmenting is also a good practice especially to those who modify, add, or delete files from time to time. It is one way to keep your system files organized, so that your computer will perform faster in loading data and application from the cache.

Third, recovering a hard drive entails a reliable software application to facilitate the entire process. Download this application only from trusted sites in the internet.

One you run the application, there is no turning back. The process might take several minutes, and it will prompt the system to restart for as many times as it requires.

Some hard drive recovery applications also enforce the System Restore priority, especially if it has diagnosed the problem as a mild one, where only a System Restore process would be necessary.

If you are lucky to pick this kind of hard disk recovery application, you will be more thankful that you do not have to lose your files in the process of recovering your hard drives.

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