TLeftover Roast Beef RecipesCredit: morguefile.comhere are some very quick recipe ideas that can stretch your budget by using leftover roast beef, especially if you are a beef lover. 

One great way to help stretch your grocery dollar is to get a large roast beef and after enjoying it carved and on your plate with other goodies, you can still have that beef with different flavours for other dinners during the week and not get bored.

Here are 3 quick and easy recipes  to get your started.

Beef Pasta

If time is not always on your side when it comes to family dinners especially during the week, then this particular dinner idea works well.  You just need a few simple ingredients to create a great pasta dinner that everyone will enjoy.

Here is what you will need:

Vegetable oil

Small onion diced

Cut beef into cubes (you decide how much you want in the sauce)

Cut a green pepper or other veggie that you like.  Remember you can change this up by adding different vegetables, the more colourful the veggies the better they are for you.

Sliced Mushrooms

Jar of your favourite spaghetti sauce (or homemade)Leftover Roast Beef Recipes - PastaCredit:

Pasta (spaghetti or noodles, your choice)

Shredded cheese or parmesan cheese to taste


Simply put on a pot of water to boil for the pasta, and while you are waiting get out another large pot and add the oil and the diced onion and stir around to soften,  then quickly add in the vegetables and stir to quickly cook the veggies to your desired tenderness, and then add the beef and the sauce.

Heat on medium heat until your pasta is cooked (follow package instructions for pasta).  Drain pasta and serve with the sauce on top and then add the cheese.

This is a really quick way to use leftover roast beef and also a quick dinner idea.  A little bit like spaghetti and meatballs but with veggies included!

Sheperd's Pie

This is a hearty casserole style dinner and a great way to use leftovers of any kind of meat including chicken and turkey.  You can also change out the veggies and use what you have on hand to make this quick and easy.

What you will need:

Vegetable oil

One small onion diced

1 cup of sliced mushrooms

2 large carrots

2 cups of cubed roast beef (you can add more if your prefer)

I can of condensed vegetable soup (your favourite brand, this adds flavour and more veggies)

½ soup can of water

1 tablespoon of cornstarch

4 large potatoes (or instant mashed potatoes if time is an issue)

Salt and pepper to taste and steak sauce tastes good too!


If you have the time, then peel and boil potatoes until tender and then mash with some milk and butter, or get the instant mashed potatoes.Leftover Roast Beef - PieCredit:

While potatoes are cooking add oil to a large pot and cook the onions and mushrooms until tender then add the vegetable soup and water and then carrots, roast beef and seasonings.

Cook until carrots are tender.  Then in a cup take your cornstarch and add a little water to make a paste then add to the roast beef slowly.  This will thicken the gravy.  If it is still runny do this again with some more cornstarch until it forms a nice thick gravy and add your seasonings.

Once the potatoes are finished and mashed, take your thick roast beef “stew” and place in a casserole dish, then spread the potatoes on top. 

You could then sprinkle some grated cheese for added flavour. 

Bake in 375 degree oven for 20 minutes until bubbly at sides. (This should not take too long as you already had it heated).

You can make this leftover roast beef recipe ahead of time; it will keep in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Everything is in this one dish, so no need to add anything else unless you want to.  You can try different veggies or whatever you have on hand.

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Leftover Roast Beef Stir Fry

This is a very quick and easy dinner with some leftover beef and whatever veggies you have on hand, or you can purchase a frozen bag of mixed veggies that would work in this stir fry too!

What you will need:

Vegetable oil

Small onion- diced

Assorted chopped vegetables (or frozen stir fry veggies)

Leftover Roast Beef cubed (you decide the amount)Leftover Roast Beef Recipes(131414)Credit:

Seasonings to taste

Sauces – You can use sweet and sour sauce, barbeque sauce, stir fry sauces this is up to you and the type of flavour you would like.  Personally sweet and sour sauces work well with beef.  If you need to make meals fast then having a few ready-made sauces on hand works well in a pinch.  There are many ready-made sauces on the grocery shelves you can try.

Rice – Cook from scratch or get instant depending on your time allowed for a meal!


Get out a wok or large fry pan and pour in your oil and heat

Add onions to soften

Add your beef and stir

Add your veggies and stir and cook until desired tenderness (I like them crunchy still)

Add your sauce and heat through

Cook your rice

Put rice on the plate and add stir fry on top or beside. 

Everything you need is on the plate.  This is the fastest way to use leftover roast beef and veggies.  You can change the flavours of the sauce so that each time you have a stir fry it will have a different theme.

You can also replace the beef with other meats too.  Getting more than one meal out of a roast of beef is a great way to stretch your budget.

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The more preparation you can do ahead of time the easier it is during the week when you are busy.

You can also simply cube or slice the meat ahead of time and freeze in zip lock baggies in serving sizes for meals to make it easier to use.

This way there is no fussing with chopping; you simply pull a baggie out of the freezer and throw it in the stir fry or defrost quickly for the other recipes in the microwave.

If you can think to slice it or cube your leftover roast beef after you first cook the roast then this would make the rest of the week’s meals that much easier if you do this on the weekend ahead of time.

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