What is the Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is all about getting back to our “roots” when it comes to eating.  The basis behind it is that our ideal genetic diet still matches that of our hunter gatherer counterparts from thousands of years ago.  We were and still are designed to eat lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nut and seeds.  Hunting animals and gathering produce from the earth was the norm.  Translated to today, for the average suburbanite, this means hunting and gathering on the outside isles of the grocery store, and staying away from the inner isles that contain canned and boxed foods that can stay on a shelf for a year and still be considered food.     

Paleo Smoothie

The paleo smoothie is a quick and easy way to get all your veggies and fruits in one quick shot so that you can focus on eating the good stuff….meat!  Preparing paleo meals can take a lot of time and preparation, and can become an excuse for many who fall off the paleo wagon.   Let’s face it, chewing spinach and kale takes time, and it’s not always the tastiest thing to eat.  If you throw it in a blender, and add some fruit to take away the bland taste, it can be really good, and take about ten minutes!

Paleo Smoothie Ingredients

1 BIG handful of spinach or kale

1  Banana

5 Strawberries

10-15 Blueberries

10 Ice Cubes

12 oz. of water

Throw all of it into a blender for about 20 seconds

Paleo Smoothie

The finished product may look a little intimidating, but the taste of the banana will cover up most of the other ingredients.  You will have about 32 ounces of smoothie that you can drink all in one sitting or throughout the morning.  If you choose not to chug the whole thing, it’s important to keep it cold, and store it in something that you can shake if it has been left sitting in a fridge for a while.  Having one of these first thing for breakfast will get most people through the morning.  Cook up two or three eggs and some sausage or bacon to eat on the side (not in the smoothie) and you’ve got a perfect paleo breakfast. 

Your appetite and cravings will be curved because you are ingesting a whole bunch of “low glycemic  carbs”, which cause your blood sugar and insulin to rise and fall slowly.  It is “high glycemic carbs” like bagels and pancakes for breakfast that cause blood sugar to spike high, and lots of insulin to be produced and bottom out your blood sugar, which makes you hungry again and crave more “high glycemic  carbs” throughout the day (breads, pastas, sweets).  

If you do this throughout the day, and just substitute the meat you decide on for lunch and dinner, it makes for very fast and easy paleo eating.  Breakfast could include smoothie, eggs, sausage or bacon.  Lunch could include smoothie, chicken breast or pork chops.  Dinner could include smoothie, fish or venison/beef steak.  Ideally all the produce you buy would be organic, and all the meat you buy would be grass fed.  It costs a little more, but the absence of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones in your food will be well worth it.

Enjoy feeling good!